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What a disaster!

As Elvis sang: “Didja ever have one of them days when you should a-stayed in bed?”

Well, I certainly wish I hadn’t bothered getting out of bed at all today! As a Level 1 seller who had almost made it to Level 2, in a matter of seconds I got:

  • A TOS warning
  • My 2 best-selling gigs removed
  • My completion rate in shatters
  • A level demolition at the next evaluation - so no chance of answering any buyer requests either

I am now having to start from zero. Lesson learnt. Time to roll up my sleeves and work on getting my reputation back. Bring it on :muscle:


Dear Elena, what is the reason behind your TOS warning? Have you contacted support to ask what is the reason because i think they don’t provide it in the message when you get the warning?

Hi Don,

Shattered Elena here.

Yes, I was informed of the reason. It was a Third Party TOS violation. It’s not as if I was copying and pasting other people’s work. Far from it.

It really isn’t my day.

May I ask what were you offering in those gigs?

If you consider yourself innocent, make sure to contact the Support. The first warning i got was because of a mistake and it was removed.
Give your best and never make the same mistake.

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Sure :pensive:

All my gigs are related to letter writing.

One was about writing complaints, proposals, etc. The other about writing cover letters for visa applications.

Thanks Don. I hope I can get it removed, but I doubt it.

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I don’t see a problem with them (someone please correct me if I’m wrong and those services aren’t allowed). Perhaps it was a mistake (they do happen), and you’ll be able to get your gigs back.

Just in case: unless you manage to clear things up with Customer Support and they confirm that your gigs were actually ok, don’t create them again.


Hello, did you mention any websites or companies? Did you have something in your gigs that would have been against the terms of service of a company or website? Did you use some company’s logo in an image?

I wonder if the word “visa” was mistaken for the credit card company? It might be a good thing to ask what specifically the TOS was for, what company, because if they simply saw the word “visa” that might have been it.

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Thank you @catwriter and @misscrystal for your replies.

My gigs are alright and do not violate any TOS.

The problem is that I wrote a recommendation letter on behalf of somebody else. The frustrating part is that I cancelled the order with the buyer to send him a new offer (a cheaper one) and ended up sending him the new offer through another gig. The work was so borderline between the two, that it did not really matter which gig I used. Yeah, right.

Customer Support told me that once a gig is denied it cannot be reversed.
Although I am not at fault, it seems there is not much I can do.

Dear Elena, it is me again. If that really happened, i suggest you to contact support again with images and list of things that you delivered for your customer. The gig won’t be returned i guess but the warning could be if there is a mistake. I am not working in that category and i am not sure what you can/can’t exactly but make sure to check TOS again. Good luck.

She wrote a recommendation letter on behalf of someone else which is not allowed.

It is what it is. I really like working on fiverr and will have to be more careful in the future. Tough lesson.

Yes, that is the case.

I hope the few regular buyers that I have will continue ordering from me and help me built my profile again.

You got this! If you were able to rack up all the sales that you had made so far all by yourself, I am sure you have what it takes to make a comeback! :slight_smile: It will be worth the effort.

What doesn’t kill you… … … :wink:

Thank you very much for your support @hanshuber16. It really is disheartening to see all my hard ward go down the drain in seconds. Of course I’ll work hard to get my stats and reputation back, but it’s so hard having to start from practically scratch :confounded:

I am so sorry to hear about your experience but thank you for sharing.

This time around you surely have a greater understanding of your own gigs and what made your services stand out. Perhaps one day you can see it as a blessing in disguise that gave you the opportunity to streamline and perfect your gigs even more - something that may have fallen by the wayside had you not gone through this experience. Reflection is more useful than retrospection.

Good luck and all the best with your journey ahead.

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Thank you for your encouraging words @kraft_creation. You are absolutely right. It’s been a shock, but I won’t take my role on Fiverr for granted anymore.

I see you are new here. How is it going for you? :blush:

You are most welcome @elenaelena568. I’ve often had to deal with students that go into an existential dread with their projects and progress, but sometimes a step back and a word of confidence was all they needed to help them get back on track.

Yes, still relatively new. So far I can’t have any complaints, I’ve set up an initial gig, but still trawling through the forums to gain some insight into how I can improve on my profile.

Thank you for your reassurance.

I hope you don’t mind, but I checked your gig and I think you could improve a few things, specifically your gig description. Your prices are a bit high, so you need to convince buyers that they’ll get their money’s worth. A few more samples and a FAQ section wouldn’t harm either.

But I am only a washed-up seller :joy: