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What a injustice


hello guys

I’m new for here. i got 03 orders and sent to buyers correct and cleared method with attached proofs.

they marked completed. but did not feed back yet. i massaged again and again but it was pointless.

what should i do? my gig is

:frowning: please help me


Hi, I am not a guy, I am a ‘girl’ but I will comment :slight_smile:

Since your gigs are about social marketing, most probably your clients don’t want the world to know that they bought promotion. If they don’t leave a review, no one will ever know (except you of course) that they have bought. I think this is the issue here. Also sometimes (hopefully not your case) a buyer who is not so happy, decides to not leave a negative review. So they leave no review at all.

Don’t worry, you will get reviews eventually

all the best :slight_smile: