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What a job it is to start a gig

hlw everyone
how are you. i am jhumiakter…i am a’s been 1 months since I opened the gig but I haven’t got any work yet. Everybody is telling me that work is available within 5/7 days of opening the gig. But I still do not understand why I am not getting any work yet. Please see my gigs and if I am wrong I would like to make those corrections.
Here is my gig links:


Welcome to Fiverr, and I have no idea who told you that you can get a job/order within a week, but I’m sorry to tell you that that is NOT true.
In most cases it takes weeks, even months to get your first order!
It is possible to get your first order in a few days, but that’s only if your gig looks great and
stands out from the rest.
I’m sorry to tell you but due to the rather poor gig description I was not fully able to understand what your gig is offering, and a description with a lot of grammar errors is enough to make many buyers not want to order a gig from you.
Make sure your description is error-free.


What’s wrong with my first gig?



grammar is wrong. As zeus777 already advised, one needs to avoid grammar errors in the gig description and the gig title of course.

Actually, both of your gigs have grammar issues. As well as the tilte of your post here.

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