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What a legit GIG looks like?


I already tried the top rated, lvl 2, beginers, non of the work was actually real. Tried some facebook likes, got some bot likes from profiles like hjalksjdlkj with no picture or info. Tried some backlinks, got some guy telling me he has pr8 and pr9 backlinks for my blog, but are different kind of backlinks, like invisible ones. You cant see them, but it’s all there. The 3rd one answered me after about 8 days of inactivity and told me my 30 pr9 backlinks are delivered. A file (excel) with 23 links of soundcloud profiles, google + profiles and some pr0 blogs. None of my links were there when i checked. probably just the list that he sends to everyone (i doubt he makes a different list for every buyer).
So what does a real gig look like? I now know it doesnt start with “Hello, sir” :slight_smile:


I can promise all my gigs are real!


My first 3 tries were not. Those guys are crooks 100%. I dont expect much for 5$, but if you say 30 pr9 links for 5$ and i accept and give it to you, then deliver 30 pr9 links, not 23 pr0 ones. I can link my blog on 30 forum posts or reddit and get the same result in 5 minutes for free. :slight_smile:


Have you tried contacting customer services? I’ve always found them to be very helpful!


Selling (or buying) Facebook likes is against Facebook’s Terms of Service. If someone offers to break the rules, can you really expect them to be honest?


@catwriter - good point, well made!


This is how you verify legitness.

Check where it is made.


The only way you can get real Facebook likes is if someone opens many Facebook accounts and like your profile all the rest are bots, hell I can also give 5k bot Facebook likes and comments.


The problem is, though, as far as I am aware, Google no longer publishes PR rankings. They haven’t done so for many months. There is, therefore, no way that a seller (or any others who may claim the same) can promise links to websites of a specific PR rank. Those rankings just aren’t published anymore – because Google doesn’t want people to focus on rankings, but rather quality content instead.


A styling company owner and a fashion writer moved to Bangladesh and became a social media marketer? Yeah, seems legit… Not. :smile_cat:

There are negative reviews on that gig, too. I guess you haven’t checked for them.


There are negative results on every product and service…but you tend to believe those good ones if they are 10 to 1. I mean, i understand that a 5 dollar gig cannot bring miracles to a new blog, but it should do “something”. :slight_smile:


Not if it comes from an obviously fake seller.

Always do Google reverse image search. If the profile picture is obviously fake (say, Angelina Jolie, or a successful American businesswoman who all of a sudden decided to move to Bangladesh and sell Facebook likes on Fiverr, or simply a stock photo of a busty blonde), the same is usually true for the seller, too. :slight_smile:


The gigs you are discussing, in my opinion are BS. You can not buy that stuff. Mostly bots and a waste of money. SEO needs to be done legit. I bought likes and back links. Mist likes got rejected and one of my sites gets spammed daily. A real gig revolves around a legit service from a real human.


Naming and shaming is forbidden by forum rules. You better edit the name out before a moderator does.

If you have a problem with a seller, the proper thing to do is to report that seller to Customer Support.


Got it, didn’t see that rule, sorry. From my point of view, there should be a sticky topic with the name of the scammers, to protect the buyers and one with bad customers…but if that’s fiverr rules, i will stick with that.
So what real seo can you get for a blog for 5 dollars? I won’t try those “skyrocket your stats, rank 1 in google, 100.000 pr9 backlinks, etc…”


What you’re trying to purchase is intangible - it’s almost like you’re buying a promise of something, with nothing concrete to show at the end of it.

Perhaps as @silberma1976 suggested, you should consider purchasing a service or product which can be produced by a competent seller?


Then why allow gigs like that to exist, if those are not real? you assured me all gigs are real. Now you tell me most of them are not? There are like 1000 gigs that say they will skyrocket my stats, put me on rank 1 in google search, give me 1000 pr9 backlinks for 5 dollars. They are not real anymore? :slight_smile:
So, other then a logo probably made on a free logo website in 3 mins, what else can you buy for 5 dollars on fiver to improve a blog, even slightly :slight_smile: ?


I would be quite WARY of any SEO services being offered at $5, unless you purchase from a reputable Fiverr SEO seller with over 100,000+ reviews.
(Yes, they do exist)


No Bud, he said all HER gigs are real.

They exist, because maybe they started shop with being REAL, and now their services are poor. We cannot control what gigs are on and off. That’s for Fiverr to decide, what YOU can do, is your due diligence and figure out what you are paying for is going to produce the result you are seeking.


Cheers for that @djgodknows - my gigs are all real, and I’m a girl BTW!