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What a nightmare

Had a buyer who contacted me about some work. He asked if I could have it done in a day; I stated that I offered 24 hr service as a gig extra. He ordered the gig but did not order the extra, then complained that he did not get one day service. During the initial messaging phase, he asked how many revisions I offered per picture; I stated that I offer 1 revision each. During the job, he repeatedly pressured me to make multiple revisions. After the job was completed I mentioned that I didn’t normally like to do subcontracting work (something that I wasn’t aware he was doing when I started) but that it was my issue for not asking. He apparently took this to mean that I was out to steal all his clients and began threatening me with damage to my Fiverr business if I attempted to contact his client (something I certainly have no intention of doing). He then attempted to send me even more work to do within a couple hours of the original deadline for the job. After all this he sent me a rant about how overseas contractors would do all photo editing with unlimited revisions for $5 and then posted an extremely negative review.

Part of me wants to contact Fiverr customer service to see if I can have this removed, since I feel it’s extremely biased, and part of me wants to leave it, one, because I don’t like censoring, and two, because I feel justified in the return review I left and would like to warn other potential sellers. Opinions?

Contact customer support to get that review removed, you clearly don’t deserve it.

Take the screenshots of your messages and the review left by the fiverr. If buyer is lying then they will remove the bad review.

You certainly can’t exclude the human factor, and SOME buyers will simply be plain arrogant. I’m lucky so far, I only have met with 1 arrogant buyer, but it was very exhausting spiritually, and was quite similar to the event surface you described.

You can sense from a galactic mile if and when there are no proper methods to please a particular buyer, it shines through their words and attitude if and when they are out for the drama, assumed to be a mysterious gig extra, lol. To tell you the truth, I immediately, - after this one and only experience with an arrogant buyer - concluded that I’m not going to be a partner for that ever again. So, my rule of thumb when it comes to arrogant buyers, is to simply not do business with them.

Once you feel that ego driven drama aura on a prospect, compliment their egos, politely assure them of their greatness, and push that “mutual cancellation” button like there is no tomorrow. You definitely don’t want to give them the chance to give you an extremely negative rating if and when it is unwarranted, and, in my book, if you truly have done the best you could, then an EXTREMELY negative review is definitely - for the linguistically challenged: “definately” - not warranted.

RUN from arrogant buyers, is my comment and advice. You’ll have a more lucrative gig opportunity the next time with a friendly person, without having to suffer through someone’s private nightmare that they assume they rented you out for.

Hmm. Apparently responding to buyer requests is restricted with this review in place, so I will have to contact Customer Support about it.

Update to this: Support removed the first review, and the buyer turned around and posted almost exactly the same information in another negative review. I feel like Support should be aware that this is a strong possibility and take steps to prevent it. After all, if you have a buyer who is already angry enough to leave an inaccurate review, they are going to be even angrier after the review is removed, and they will likely keep coming back in more attempts to sabotage gigs. This is really a pain for me, because it’s preventing me from responding to buyer requests and potentially running off customers who see such a bad review.

"…how overseas contractors would do all photo editing with unlimited revisions for $5…"

Why doesn’t he just use them then?

I know almost straight away when an enquiry is potential trouble. I either don’t encourage further correspondence or I block them straight away.

Reply to @sexygirl18: I don’t know. I suspect he saw someone fairly new to Fiverr and thought he could con me into getting a lot of extra work done. I asked him to remove the inaccurate information from the review and he told me he wouldn’t unless I did extra work.

The first couple of messages I got were pretty neutral, so by the time I had the bad feeling about the job, it had already been ordered, and I thought it might be less trouble to simply finish it out rather than cancelling and having that stat on my jobs. Obviously I was mistaken. :slight_smile: