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What a ride

So in the last 48 hours, I’ve got the true rush experience… Where my Valentine gigs got flooded with orders I had orders coming in one after another! I truly experience the good the bad and the ugly… Overall, I think I rode through the storm with minimal damage. Most of the experience some was rocky, and some was very uncomfortable especially when you strive to really deliver good work under a lot of pressure! I’m still not out of the storm, the flood ended but still finishing a lot of the orders tonight so everyone has their valentines gifts for tomorrow, but what a ride… I don’t know how some sellers do it with so many orders in their que. Was definitely an experience!

Grats on the many orders! It sounds rough but hopefully a nice financial benefit.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: yeah financially it was very beneficial. It was also really good experience, on every level. I’m 5 orders short from level 2 :slight_smile:

Nice! How much time do you have left to hit your 50?

till March 3rd. I believe.

Good luck! I don’t know for sure if it has to be within actual months or just 60 days since that requirement wasn’t enforced until more recently. To be on the safe side you might have to get them before the end of February, but it sounds like you are on target to make it.

Thank you :slight_smile: It does seem confusing. I hopefully should be able to pull it off, I’ve been very fortunate with consistent work since I got my 1st review, and end up doing a lot of custom work. I am not going to lie, very surprised that out of all the people on Fiverr that, I get a good decent amount of work. Definitely boost of confidence.

Fiverr can be weird like that. I remember when I was working with my old team. We had a quiet two weeks with no orders. Then, for some reason, our gig landed on the first page. We had 30 orders in 18 hours. It was a bit of a shock logging in and seeing so much work waiting to be done, lol.

You sound like you handled the experience great. Hopefully you treat yourself to something nice for all your extra effort. :slight_smile:

Fiverr can be a wild ride for sure. Your videos are fantastic!


Yeah, managed to work through it :slight_smile: To make sure to get everyone completed before the start of the holiday! Hehe, I wish I could treat my self… Still more work to be done.

Thx so much misscrystal :slight_smile: Yeah, I am learning that both from the forums, and from experience.

Thx so much :slight_smile: