What a rip-off


Not happy at all … its just a joke

please read Attachment


So let me see if I’m following this. It took the seller 4 days to reply to your message and you are not happy? Hmmmm, I hope you never need CS support :slight_smile:


@steveeyes does the customer support take even longer


Reply to @atulks: Sometimes they take very long.


Reply to @catwriter: Which reminds me, I have been waiting for response for over 2 months.


Reply to @vectormoon: In fairness, sometimes CS responds very quickly. Sometimes. :wink:


What a shame £35. Quid and nothing, logo that was total crap then off into the system that lets the seller rip the buyer off. Take your money then hide behind the rules, which are there to help the seller do jack. I guess I’m the Ejut thinking I could get a logo for £35 quid

I even used the no 1 seller, ************… 11000 logos yea right 11000 RIPs

Hope the site gets closed down soon


Somebody didn’t get a present from Santa.



I understand the famously awful London Olympics logo (which was famously described by some journo as Lisa Simpson giving ??? a [censored])

I did actually check out a bunch of top logo seller articles and they seemed OK to me from their portfolios. With 150+ orders in the queue, I took a look at the negatives and found that a fair few were expecting super customized original service along with highly original works, but instead found poor communication from a foreign studio that delivered what seemed to be cookie cutters.

Hm. I don’t know the other side of the service, but I’d imagine this is a studio/team far away from their location and they just got the wrong “success intern” or whatever they are called.

In any case, you can lose £35 or £569805467508 on a global embarrassment. @easyclean, I challenge you to go to the local pub and tell everyone how you expected a great original logo for £35 (probably less) and it were well shite." You’ll get laughed right out, ya eejit. If you don’t, someone’s on the blag.

You can get hundreds of designers fighting over a contract for a couple hundred elsewhere! You didn’t even research this, did you? You’d at least know your rights if you had.


would you sell your original work which can bring someone else 35000000 for 35? I wouldn t…