What a ripoff! Bunch of Crooks!


Fiverr takes 1$ up front and 1$ at the end to transfer the money? If i delete my account do they keep my 3$? Because obviously i can’t transfer it? These folks are crooks.


Seriously? You’re expecting Fiverr to let you use their website for free? Fiverr is a business too. They are entitled to 20% of every sale you make. You get to keep 80%. I think that’s more than fair.


Have you read Fiverr’s Terms of service page? Because they have literally put in black and white all their fees, for withdrawals, for purchasing, for earnings, everything is right there for everyone to see.

When you signed up you should have been aware of those fees, or better yet, you shouldn’t have signed up in the first place if those terms & fees were not what you expected or needed :wink:


Yes you will lose your $3, I suggest you wait patiently and get something reasonable to withdraw, then quit, but you can stay and make as much as you want want Fiverr is a business and they gave you the platform to do what you do best definitely it wont be for free.


I have bought (still, occasionally do) from an editing site where the cost of business is 50% between the company and editor.


You agreed to this when signed up here. :confused:

That’s not Fiverr, it’s the gateway you’re using to withdraw!

You can ask for it after 90 days. They will give it to you pleasantly. :slight_smile:


yes i agree with that


Have you started a business before?

You’re complaining about $2?
Go set up a coffee shop, or buy a domain name, or get business cards printed.

Or set up something to drive clients to your site.

It requires investment to make money, but Fiverr requires a fraction of other venues.

Best of luck on the other sites/ideas.


If you go to a shop, pay then run away. Will the shop keep your money?? No they will take your money and throw it away.


I would keep it, if am the shop keeper. :smiley:


Really?.. you should all be complaining about 40%…


It’s only 40% if you cash in after on $5,- gig. The first $1,- is the 20% cut for Fiverr what is clearly stated on the website.
The $1,- for the transaction stays that $1,-, no matter if you cash in $10,- earnings or $1.000,-
Educate yourself before bragging, this would make you less ridiculous.


Are you forced by someone to user Fiverr?