What a waste. Buying writing gigs sucks


Seller’s profile says they are US based, native English speaker, level 2 seller, has plenty of great reviews…

And the articles I get are obviously spun using Google Translate and then edited by a non-native speaker.

How the hell does this seller have so many positive reviews? This isn’t the first time I’ve been burned by Fiverr sellers, either. Order 5000 word article, give the guy two weeks to complete it, the last half of the article is a bunch of garbled nonsense I have to rewrite.

What a great concept Fiverr is. Except for the broken reviews, absolutely no verification of profile information, no actual skill assessments…


It wasn’t you who messaged me but I was contacted by someone recently who said a lot of similar things and required me to state my English level, location, guaranteed high quality etc etc etc. as he had so many bad experiences to date.
I quoted a price and he told me I was too expensive. The price he was willing to pay would be less than half the minimum wage in any country that he wanted a seller to be from, which I explained to him.

Of course all writers should be able to write and deliver what they say they will but if a buyer’s budget is too low to afford a certain level of quality then they have to lower their expectations. I don’t know what you were paying but you should assess whether or not your budget is reasonable.


I understand your frustration and given the fact Fiverr hosts millions of Gigs, it’s safe to assume there are bad apples.

I’m sorry you had this experience, however, Fiverr hosts thousands of hard working writers who will gladly create the articles you need. It may take some time, but once you’ve made a connection with them, you’ll be good to go!

If interested, I would recommend several writers if you would like to PM me, I’ll be glad to share them with you.

Best of luck.


There are a lot of truly great writers on fiverr but there are some like the one you ordered from too. I understand your frustration.

I recommend looking for top rated sellers. You might have a better chance of getting what you want. I’m not saying that other levels are bad though.


I’m a writer here, and I get a buyer now and then who has had bad experiences in the past. If you can’t rely on the ratings, then you’ll have to find other ways to screen your writers.

I’d suggest that you ask for a link to previously published writing. If they can’t provide one, that is a red flag. Personally, I keep a complete list of every published article on my website so sellers can see the quality of my writing and check whether or not my writing style is a good fit for their piece. I think this is the best way to tell the quality of the person’s writing.

Also, sending a quick inquiry to the seller is helpful. If they can respond to you in proper English with good grammar and capitalization, that’s a good sign. If the message is in garbled English, then you can’t expect the article to be much better!


I hire article writers often.

Of all the things you can buy on 5r, that’s the easiest thing to find a quality seller. I lurk on the forum and when I see someone with great writing skills, I look at their profile. If they happen to offer articles, I hire them.

All articles I’ve received are original, not spun and written by a genuine seller.

People seem to let their hair down on the forum, most people will let small errors slide. Writers, on the other hand, are perfectionist who can’t stand the tiniest mistakes. They will go back and correct mistakes 10x.