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What a Weired Buyer?

One of My buyer Giving me Revision…Every-time i correct it then he wanted to do something New…Then Give me another Revision.

I said i would do 2 revision. But i am afraid i have done more than 4 times already.

If i ask money, He would probably give me Lower ratings…or cancel The Order.

What should I do???

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I complete a order in 16days. Always the buyer wants revision and revision. Then after 16days, he gives me 3start, This is very bad. So don't mention unlimited revision in the gig. :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t Even Add Unlimited Revision…I said 2 revision…

Another Weired Things…She is Insta Celebrity…Doesn’t Reply much…Thats Another Problem

Then don’t give revision but if the buyer give you 2/3 start it will be bad for gig.

Dont Know man…S***t happens a Lot…

yeah, I know cause I face this problem.

A bully always comes back for more. You have now demonstrated to this buyer that whenever he says “I demand more free work” - you will obey him.

You cannot be held hostage though by the thought that he will leave you poor feedback. You might carry on giving him another 2, 5, 10, 20 or more free revisions - and he could still leave you poor feedback. He has already demonstrated that he is a bad buyer. All you will do is waste your time.

My advice would be to stop work, explain that you have fulfilled the order, explain he can pay for further revisions, and that if they continue to request free revisions you will report their account to customer support.

Sometimes you have to standup for yourself.


Thats a Great advice and I did that Today.

It is better to stand Up for Myself.

Thanks for Giving me Courage.