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What about a Fiverr Seller Level called "Budget Seller"

Ok, so the category title might not be the best as I did not put any time into it but I have been thinking about the concept of an absolute bottom of the barrel seller level for a while now. A level where $5 is the price, end of.

In the same way that Pro is there to appeal to certain budgets, having the Anti-Pros (also not a good name) available to take all the absolute messes that populate the Buyer Requests or that send multiple messages to 10 sellers asking for cheap cheap cheap! would be nice and useful to some.

It is so difficult for newer buyers to differentiate between the good, the bad and the abysmal that a lower priced category might appeal to some sellers. I would see the So-Lows (suggestions please) as being able to choose to be at that level but it would also be an idea to do it on average prices for example.

Anyway, just a thought - not a completely serious suggestion so putting it in Conversations instead.


That’s actually not a bad idea. “Bargain Sellers” is my vote.

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I thought that too, but is it a bargain if you get poor quality for a low price?
I think bargain sellers would give an impression of value, rather than cheapness.

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Well, you must think marketing as well. You cannot call your “seller tier” something like “garbage”, nobody would buy it lol. And 5$ is a bargain man, as long as the product / service offered is at least functional, I don’t see anything wrong with calling it a bargain xD

If that is the case, I would suggest to keep it for new sellers?
They need a chance to prove themselves, and I think this can be a god place :wink:

There is already a filter for new sellers if people want a new seller.
This would be a place/level which is only about price, not level. You could have a TRS who is a cheap seller - in fact there are TRS who would fit this level. They specialize in low prices and lower quality but you get what you pay for.

Personally I think there’s enough levels.

We now have New Seller, Level 1, Level 2, Top Rated Seller and Pro.

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i meant there should be a chance for the new sellers. Why buyers need to use that filter to find new sellers? I wanted the opposite, something especial for new sellers which attract buyers.

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Pro isnt a level, it’s more like a type of gig.
“Budget” wouldn’t really be a level either - it would be more opt-in, opt-out. UNverified sellers at bottom prices.

I think ‘Junkyard’ would be more appropriate. I don’t really like the idea of a bargin bin, though. Fiverr is basically a bargain bin already and my (attempt at a niche) is that I offer as bargain prices as I possibly can while delivering pretty damned good work. In fact, I’m on hour 12 of creating a $24 bleeding video. That’s mental.

What we really need is a new ‘Hospice’ or ‘Home for the Damned’ category for all the people who used to sell regularly but now don’t because the Fiverr search shafted them. - In this category, old buyers could re-find the old sellers they used to work with. In fact, you could even run a daily 50% of promotion for all the gigs in such a category and call it ‘Visting Hours.’

All that said, there have been far too many changes around here lately. Be away with you, Eoin. Don’t go running round putting even more mad ideas into Fiverr’s head.


Don’t worry, this definitely won’t happen. It wasnt economically viable to keep prices at $5 and run the platform on $1/sale. Could you even imagine how much customer support would be needed for the unholy marriage of the lowest budget buyers and lowest price/quality sellers? * SHUDDERS *

I just wanted to rid the main search results of all the desperados and put them in their own little cesspit away from the rest of the platform.

Holy cr*p man!

Yeah, really we’re way beyond 5-star review territory now. If the buyer appreciates my work, she’s really going to have to consider having my babies as a way of saying thank you.

Tomorrow afternoon is beer day, though!

Anyway, In order to get rid of the riff raff polluting the search, the best way would be to simply have a 30 day count down on all gigs for level one sellers. If after a period of 30-days, a seller hadn’t made a sale, they would get an email saying, “Hey, spruce it up a bit, Bruce. If you don’t make a sale in the next 7-days, your gig will be removed.”

Now, just to be clear, the 30-day rule would apply to zero and level one sellers. Level 2 would then have a 60 or 90-day equivalent rule and this would be on-going. So, if I didn’t make a sale on some gigs in 90 days, yes, they would be removed.

It might sound rash, but it would be better than gigs which only sell once in a blue moon sitting polluting and thinning the waters of the search at the detriment of better quality/in demand gigs.

Ok, I was going to ask if you spend that much time on my one but I can’t afford that price.

I do like the purge idea though, it would definitely thin things out but I can’t see it being popular though.

I have high hopes since they properly placed a couple of gigs that got the very best spots for months and never made any sales at the back, and moved my expensive high performing gigs that get multiple sales per day if only people can see them to those spots.

Those horrible gigs no one buys were there for the past six months while my gig was at the very back of the pages.

I think budget seller is level 1, and new sellers. I’m mystified why such reliable excellent sellers keep their prices so low (Andy I’m looking at you :eyes:)

I think it’s lack of salesmanship or confidence or something but I’m just guessing.

You weren’t there for the cull the last time I raised my prices…

My gigs were culled too but now are back.

Btw I don’t know if you have a writing gig but you should.

Why not called the category true value, budget value or value category. They will be getting quite a value for their money.

I like the Home for the Damned concept but that could go more south than some would like. How about WYSIWYG or the Turtle Den?

It’s an interesting concept but not one I would back especially with overly budget buyers wanting something along the lines of Hermes [expensive] quality work for a dollar store tote bag [cheap to affordable] budget.

Tsk. Emmaki would of had something good to add to this.

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