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What about Ad on gig thumb


Recently i just search for a gig and got few results with Text ad on it .


Those are paid ads that sellers give a fee to fiverr for placement on the top line.


Now this is fiverr testing service


These are PROMOTED gigs. You can find articles on blog. Fiverr charges 5 to 15% from the sellers for such top-listing.


i know that these are paid ads but when the service started ? we are not notified for such services might be in testing as @webeliter said .


It’s called fiverr promoted gigs. You can find more about it here-


Promoted Gigs are currently in Beta and we’re initially offering it to a small group of sellers in a few selected categories. We will gradually add more eligible sellers and more categories where the service is offered.


:joy: Did you just copy-pasted that paragraph?


@taverr i found the paragraph informative :smiley:


There is not at all a problem but you could enclose it with quote marks for better readability. :wink:


Thanks For suggestions ! but The paragraph i pasted here just solved my question


Fiverr had sent notification when the service was on BETA phase. They also notified the seller when the service got actually in effect.