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What about an option to donate a certain amount of our gigs to charity?

Hello everyone ! We’re still new here in Fiverr, but we tought I’d be nice if we can choose to donate like 1$ of every gig to charity if we want to (Red Cross per se), directly by the website.

What do you think ?

Thanks again for your opportunities offered by the website, in hope it’ll work for us !

Nope. Donate on your own time.

I have wondered about this myself. I wanted to give a percentage of my sales to Doctors Without Borders. Sadly, there are a lot of noble things that we would wish for that are not particularly practical for various organizations in which we may involve ourselves. Fiverr is so anti external contact that I don’t believe that the donation idea would be accepted by them. I think that your heart is totally in the right place, though. ^:)^


There are 1,000s of member suggestions put forth already. I wonder if Fiverr staff actually reads any of them or takes any of them into consideration…