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What About Completing Work in 18 Hours?

I’m new on fiverr, so I need to make some sales.

What about the idea of offering to complete a gig in 18 hours.

I do editing and proofreading.

I believe I could handle several gigs in 18 hours.

Any suggestions?

You might be able to do it, unless you have a full-time job.

I offer 24-hour delivery as a gig extra for two reasons:

  1. Not all buyers need it in 24 hours.
  2. Rush service deserves more $$$.

    I notice you have two gigs that are extremely similar, why not do different gigs? Maybe one can be about proofreading resumes, one about stories, one about admissions essays, etc. Search several keywords, I hit a goldmine with Teespring because nobody was offering gigs for that.

Thanks for your comments fastcopywriter.

  1. Re: 24 hours service - I was thinking that there are probably a lot of buyers that want things done in a rush, and I noticed that nobody offers less than 24 hour turnaround. So, I thought I could try 18 hours service in order to get buyers who are in a rush.

  2. Re: Similar Gigs - I am going to consider your suggestion about making “specialized” gigs. That’s a good point.

Reply to @yourtexteditor: Thanks. We all do what works for us on Fiverr, so nothing is written in stone. For me doing 3-day deliveries works fine, it also allows for a queue to build. When people see other people in line, they’re more likely to order. Of course, some buyers might see a long queue and think that seller is too busy and they’re better off hiring someone with no orders.

I guess there are all types of buyers. Thanks again.