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What about counting big amount order as multiple orders for Buyer Levels?

I’m a new seller here, even though I’m using fiverr for a while.

As we all know, there are certain constraints to level up here as a seller (to Level 1 and Level 2 sellers). One of them is the individual number of orders. But, I feel an inequality in just counting the orders as there may be big orders, say for $100+ for a single order, if you are providing high quality or custom orders. For them, it will be difficult to meet the individual order count. Same time, small orders in $5 will easily get there in just a total of $50.

What about reconsidering this by including the order amount also in this criteria? May be by counting a bigger amount order as multiple orders for this purpose? Or bringing in some weightage based on the order amount?

Asking the buyers to split the orders is an extra burden to both the seller and buyer.

Please share your thoughts…

I actually think the other way around. If someone places a repeat order it shouldn’t count towards the 10 needed. Why? To prove that your customer service is consistent and that you are capable of doing business with different types of people.

Otherwise 1 large enough order could jump someone up a level, and they’ve only proven they can handle 1 type of customer and that 1 customer’s requirements. The 1 customer could also be a friend, family member, etc. People find ways to game systems all the time. :frowning: