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What about Fiverr Gig Image Template

I just can say the one I looked at is just a level one from a east country…
the second one doesn’t exist…
the third and fourth ones are Fiverr pro sellers

that’s all they are just 4

It’s just an image, you can’t move individual items

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Anyone who hasn’t received this yet and want to see what this is all about. It can be downloaded here.


Good. If you could it would be TOS violation.

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No , they are create so funny image …just wanna see their profile .

Second seller is no longer available on platform, and seller that is PRO, his templates all have blurry (low R) images as part of the slide. Strange. First seller portfolio looks amazing, but the template files not so much.

And this is just unprofessional, the circle he placed on top is not Placeholder for image, if you try copy pasting image it is not going to work, get cropped in to circle. It is just ordinary shape, a text box.

The third and fourth one are pros, I overall like the content by the last one. I agree, first seller’s portfolio looks great.

Maybe on Fiverr they are label as such and maybe they outsourced this because to put circle as a text box in PPT that was meant to be for image and to not convert it to placeholder…

If you check the last slides, they are all screenshots of an actual slide (just one image over the entire slide, and blurred unlike rest that are clear even if you enlarge them) and then just placed text circle on top to cover the, what I presume, was actual placeholder image in original PPT from where he/she took the screenshot.

And check this out #facepalm

Circle on the right is how circle looks like when you make it in PPT,

Left white circle was copy-pasted from PNG file and then enlarged (therefor pixelated).

Why am I even shocked…


Oh wow I didn’t notice that it was just a whole image until now. Oh well, I wouldn’t be using these templates anyway. I overall like the design just from a visual standpoint though!

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thank you for your your suggestion

Yeah, I received it too! It’s weird and questionable!

Ah, seeing the topic title, I thought they somehow made it so that the same size of image will look fine both everywhere on desktop and phone app, and the template would have the correct size for that,
or else provide a template with a “frame” inside the ideal desktop size image that shows you where to better leave white space, so the image will look at least okay elsewhere, and people won’t see cut-off text and images so often any more.

If those templates were made/tested with that issue in mind, however, they might have a positive effect, but some of those on the screenshot look as if they’d “suffer”, unless the screen shows them in the least flattering form they’ll appear throughout desktop and mobile.

A reactive “template maker” that would show how one’s own gig image looks in all possible spots it is visible, and maybe would quickly let you try different colours could be a “nice to have”.


But Why I don’t Receve that It’s Just Irritating for me cause why I don’t ?

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You have link above, use it.
It is not email for sellers, it is just promo email, maybe you opted out.

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Just look some posts above to download :+1:

incredible we write the same thing at the same time :yum:

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Really No idea how they selected who receive it! But yeah you can download it at the link above :v:t2:

I thought it was just me who found the templates to be strange. It was the fonts that struck me as odd. Oh well :woman_shrugging:t4:

I think Fiverr wanted to keep it simple and straightforward. Maybe.

thank you everyone for a constructive discussion