What about gig for tips?


Hi, I just noticed that some users have one gig for their… tips! The description often sounds as “If you liked my work you can give me a tip”.

Doesn’t Fiverr already have a tip system? This gigs are maybe before that system? Is just a way of increasing your rates (as if they are leaving a tip it means they are gonna leave you a 5 star review).

I don’t think I will buy or sell something like that. If the client wants to leave a tip, Fiverr gives him the opportunity to do so. Also, a seller with a tip gig may appear cocky, at least to me.

Would you buy/sell a tip gig?


You’re quite right - the tips gigs were probably set up before Fiverr introduced the tips system for sellers.


Some of those gigs were created before Fiverr added the tip system, and some were created because new sellers saw that the older ones had it.


Thanks for your replys, that was the most logical explanation but I was curious about it. :stuck_out_tongue:



there’s no reason to create a tip gig anymore.

those gigs were created before Fiverr actually introduced the feature.

I really don’t see any reason why someone would publish a tip gig anymore. I for one deleted mine.

It adds several steps to the process. buyer must purchase it, you need to “deliver” on it then he needs to accept…

If someone wants to tip you on any delivery there’s a huge button prompting them to do so right after they submit a review. :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I suppose that by leaving the gig instead of deleting it they can have more 5 stars review.


I’m 50/50.

About half the gigs I buy on Fiverr are for my business and the other 50% is for fun. I do not always have the money to leave tips - on top of that Fiverr charges me another processing fee :smirk:.

I really wish more of my regular sellers would have a tip gig. At the end of each quarter, if I have $$ left in my business account, I like to go back and tip some regulars. If I don’t have any money left in my business account, I try to tip out of my personal account.

I’ve given several people tips on their gratuity gigs. I had a bad day one day and just felt like making someone else feel good without the hassle of ordering something, giving instructions, etc. They deliver right away, I accept right away, everyone is happy.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m weird. Who in their right mind just goes around leaving tips on people’s gigs for no reason!! Geesh! What’s wrong with me??:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I didn’t think of that, about not having money for tipping after accepting the gig.

If they are regular sellers and they did a good work maybe it isn’t “for no reason”. If you tipped a random person you never bough a gig from, then that may sound a bit weird. (not to me, if you are feeling like tipping random stranger, please, consider me! lol JK)