What about reviews if seller deletes his account?


I want to know if a seller deletes his account what will happen to his orders and reviews given to sellers?
Thanks in advance for help.


Did you mean by orders on queue or previous orders?


Previous orders and reviews…


The reviews will be removed but counts will not.


@zeeshanx what do you mean by counts?


For example, you have 100 reviews and 50 are mine. If I will remove my account, the reviews will be removed from your profile but the counts will remain 100.


okay now i understood thanks


Thanks Bro, so the reviews/rating will be removed and their percentage in overall rating will also be removed…?


From what I can make out - if a seller closes their account, then all orders are still available for previous buyers to download. All their reviews and ratings as a seller will be removed.

Anything they’ve purchased as a buyer - their feedbacks etc. will remain on the accounts of the sellers from whom they purchased.

I think I’ve got this correct, but please feel free to say if I’ve misinterpreted your question, or indeed if anybody knows differently. :slightly_smiling_face: