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What About Seller's Rights?


Good Day to everyone

First of all apologies for my bad English!!!

Today, I am writing here to raise this important question

What About Seller’s Rights?

Let’s jump into the main point, as every seller on come across this situation when he/she have to provide extra Services (More than as described on Gig Price Packages) to the buyer just to secure good rating and after that buyer screw all your efforts and give an average or negative review (Let me clear one thing all five fingers are not same most of the time you got positive response from buyers but sometimes annoying buyers are also there) And when you approach them asking to revise the review you have to offer extra to them so they can revise rating at the end seller suffers at any cost whether by means of bad rating or by giving more services in less money.

So, this is my opinion they rules must be revised for buyers as well

  1. Sellers and Buyers Accounts must be segregated e.g with the badge, tag or any other segregation technique what so ever is easy and convenient.

  2. Sellers and Buyers Account Must be verified and shown on Profile as it builds trust of both parties that other party is verified and trusted.(by this a lot of duplicate accounts will be spotted as well as those competitors who just create new accounts and place orders on their competitors to give negative reviews so they will lose business.)

  3. Extra Rating options for Sellers, currently we have only one option just to hit the starts and type what so ever the experience.

  4. If a buyer asks for extra in less $$$ (money) there must be some kind of report or complaint option to inform Fiverr about these issues.

  5. Buyers request must be shown category wise e.g there should be categories in buyer’s request based on services offered on Fiverr it will help both buyers and seller to find the right category.

  6. If seller offer refund after order is complete then there must be an option for a refund as well as proper justification so if a negative review is given it must be removed.

  7. If the buyer is non-responsive in any case Fiverr must give preference to seller considering the request.

These are few suggestions from my side.
Looking forward to getting positive response



Hi. Totally agree with your points but the thing I like to talk about is that we sellers are somewhere responsible too. We take orders with without judging the behavior of buyer and offer everything we could just to get the orders and to get positive rating. We should maintain our standards. Now we are at a point where no buyer pays the right price for the job because they knows that they will get a person who will do their job in less price.E.g today one buyer wanted to hire me asked me about the cost of the project and when I told him he said he has another guy who’s offering half of a price then what I am offering and he also had more reviews then you. So, that’s my point if we maintain our standards then buyer will pay the right price to the professional people and then will get better results.and then these buyers won’t pull these kind of stunts to blackmail the sellers for their rating.



But as a seller you also know that buyer mostly just place an order and after that start demanding for services more than they paid.

So, as a seller if you cancel order it will impact profile overall rating and if you have done that job might be got a negative review or you have to do extra to secure rating/reviews.


People should judge the behavior of the buyer from the start.If he/she is not paying the right price from the start then of course he/she will ask for more. If you knows buyer will give you bad review then its better to cancel the order.


Cancel the order will impact your overall profile


I know but its better rather then getting a bad review


Yes indeed it is but why seller have to suffer just because he/she is providing services???


I tried my hand at selling a year ago. I purchase a lot here and thought why not. I managed to complete two gigs. One for writing a blurb for a kindle book (I got 5 stars) and one for writing a press release (1 star and scathing words warning everyone I was the scourge of the earth). He expected for me to give him for free the gig extra (that I was charging much more for) of submitting the release through ABNewswire on top of writing 500 words, all for the base 5.00. I refunded his money, he refused to delete the review. Thus ended my brief career as a seller.

Despite my personal experience (it is similar on Ebay which is why I stopped selling there years ago) I think it has to be this way. I have dealt with many flaky sellers in the years I have purchased here. Promising the moon, failing to meet deadlines time and again. For every one of you sellers who provides stellar service, and get punished for going the extra mile there are 3 other sellers who are just here to line their pockets scamming buyers. It appears it would not be cost effective for this venue (or others) to hire a large enough staff to study all the he said/she said and decide each case individually. Even Amazon implemented a money back, no questions asked policy. Because at the end of the day, if the venue does not protect the buyers, they will stop coming. Then there is no more venue.


Agreed with you but due to flaky sellers why rest of sellers suffers. I believe every problem must have a solution so according to me there must be some kind of rules for buyers to follow as due to sellers services venue in earning and due to these sellers buyers are here to buy.


It is a matter of supply and demand. As Amazon and Ebay found out, for every seller who gets thrown under the bus, 10 more are lined up to take their place. But for every buyer who gets thrown under the bus, the line of buyers dwindle as by word of mouth the place gets a reputation for ripping buyers off. Sellers will tolerate more than buyers. I understand the pain for sure. I once had a lucrative Ebay business before the buyers word trumped evidence. I thought I could maybe make some extra money here and got shut down quickly by a buyer who wanted me to write their 500 word press release and submit it all for 5.00 (submitting the release cost me more than 5.00 to put this in perspective). I get it sucks, but there is no lack of people signing up daily to sell, but let the buyers feel they are not safe and the money will dry up quick.


I also think as sellers we have a responsibility to be very clear with what we’re offering, and be very specific about which services we offer at specific price points. I always encourage potential buyers to message me directly so that I can get a sense of their project and send them a custom offer. This helps me avoid (for the most part) people blindly purchasing a gig with the wrong expectations for what will be delivered. This may not work in every case, but it has helped me attract the right kind of buyers and upsell my high-end services appropriately.


As you have already mentioned that how hard is being a seller, but being buyer they have to take responsibility to contact before placing an order to avoid any inconvenience specially wastage of time as well as money.

but I think we have to

let the buyers feel they are not safe and the money will dry up quick.


Totally Agreed !!!

But there is one question out of 10 buyers 9 contacted seller and described what they are looking for and both parties get what they want but out of these 10 buyers 1 just directly placed the order and got what he/she is looking for and at the end left with a negative review or hoping to get extra in same deal
What the solution?
Cancel order?
but after doing all buyer refuses to change review or spend more to get extra… Seller Suffer, wastage of time, and have to give extra for nothing