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What about Test Result Taken on Fiverr?


hi all, i hope all of you having great time
i want to ask about the result of a test on fiverr, dose it achieve its purpose as soon as just passing or i have to get the full mark to get the trust ?
is there any filter on search engine will filter that? so will keep me away although i passed it?
help me please
thank you


According to my point of view these test just show that you know something about your skills. It dosen’t matter either you passed it or not. The main thing is that, the work you show on your gig and on your portfolio. If you presents the best work through your gig or portfolio then definetly you will get orders


Thanks for your reply,
I know that, your work reviews and feedback is the most important,
But I am taking about the search engine if it filter the score if tests within search process, May put user down although the good work reviews ?


No there is no filter option for test results!


Nobody knows how Fiverr’s search engine works. We can only experiment and evaluate results.

Personally, I think tests helps us look better. If you’re a writer and you scored 9/10 on the English tests, that looks great (I hope). If I take a tests and didn’t pass with at least 9/10, I’m just gonna hide the test result.

With that said, tests and completing one of those Learn by Fiver courses is nice, but it hasn’t helped me get more sales. I’m earning a 1/3 of what I used to earn in 2015. Fiverr is no longer my main source of income, Lyft is.


Thanks for your reply :pray: