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What about tha' MONEY?


Ha! Joke is on me I guess. I paid $5 + $30 on Sunday night to get a “$5” logo design. Here it is Wednesday…I STILL DONT HAVE A LOGO AND MY MONEY IS GONE. I got hit for an additional $5 for unknown reasons on this same logo request. How do I get the $5 + the $30 in gratuity or incentive fees AND the additional $5 unknown charge? $40 and I have nothing but wasted time.


If the order is late, and it has gone past the expected delivery time the seller has written on the gig - then a cancellation button should appear on the order. Have a look, on your order page - see if it is there, you will get your money back once you click that.


Thanks for the input Celine. I DID cancel and received a mssg from “fragglesrock”,…“here’s your refund!”…this is like a scam. Any ideas? Trying to communicate with a live person at fiverr support is…

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In other words, no $40 ($35 + $5).


The seller, designer500, just “updated”…all funds are back. CelineDesigns…can you do a “winged” logo??


thanks for the manners (anonymous)…I tend to be pretty darn well mannered AND FAIR. This is fiverr. The name implies $5 work gigs…I do not have surplus cash right now, which is ok,…I DO my best to be fair and reasonable with payment for services. 300%, 400%, 500% increase in fiverr rates are offered by me most every time. Very good, clear, and concise descriptions are provided as well. Absent malice.


Reply to @celinedesigns: However that money stays on forever until you choose another gig that same price.