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What About The Time I Spent?


I just has a customer cancel a $25 gig (included extra fast service of 2 days) that I completed within 19 hours. My problem is this – I did what I was supposed to do within the time period requested, yet I will not be compensated for my time AT ALL. My question is why?

The client didn’t read the gig properly, and without asking for a modification, she orders another gig from someone else, then cancels my DELIVERED gig…5 hours later. Once the system updated me with her comment, I explained to her, I would’ve gladly done a modification if she asked for one. She just said, too late, I’ve already ordered from someone else - cancelled.

Why don’t we get more say in a cancellation? Why isn’t a modification mandatory before someone can cancel – why not make it more difficult for a buyer to just get the goods from a seller, cancel (with the good in their hands) and walk away; perhaps off to do it to another seller.

I know there’s nothing anyone here can do, I just wanted to let you know that it happened.


Wouldn’t she have to go through CS to cancel something without your approval in that short amount of time?

It might be nice to have something like a vetting process, so that if a buyer or seller requests a cancellation, especially after the work has already been delivered, someone neutral (so, not the buyer or seller), looks at the situation and determines whether or not either’s request to cancel is valid, hearing from both parties and having both sides of the story, before just up and cancelling the order because a buyer/seller asks them to. Obviously this wouldn’t apply to cancellations where both parties agree to the cancellation, etc., etc.


I agree. When I got the cancellation notice - I denied it, wanting to do a modification, however, the system wouldn’t allow that to happen. It stated, the gig had already been cancelled by the buyer. I just felt so undone by it all.

For her $25 she received the Word doc, the pdf and 2 day service (I take your text resume and put a design to it, making it “eye catching” - that’s it). That may not be a lot for some, or perhaps to much for others, but I did what I promised to do within 19 hours not 48.

It’s just sad that there’s no middle person to double check to make sure that everything is correct and that neither person has inadvertently made a mistake.