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What about your Fiverr Goals?


Hello Doers,
It’s the end of 2018 and I hope you have made a lot out of it. We all have Goals about everything we do in our lives like educational goals, career goals, family goals and so on. Today, let’s talk about Fiverr Goals. :thinking:

For me, 2018 is/was a wonderful year and by the Grace of my God, I have achieved much more than what I decided to achieve on Fiverr at the start of this year… From earning to finding some awesome clients, I have done all what I wanted to do…:innocent:

What about you? Did you achieve your Fiverr Goals of 2018 or you even didn’t set any goals for yourself?

What are your Fiverr Goals for 2019?

Let’s get motivated for the New Year or motivate other by your inspirational Fiverr Achievements. :wink:


It has been a good year for me. My Fiverr work has become more profitable in relation to the hours I spend on Fiverr each week. I have also developed around 60 regular customers.

Fiverr is secondary work for me. I always challenge myself to keep my secondary work only part time hours, but to let the income of the secondary work surpass my regular job income.


My goal is the same every year: earn more than I did the year before.


In 2018, I have increased my income by 300% from the previous year. For 2019 I would like to increase it for another 300%, which would be enough to open my own company, and then go from there on. Also, it’s not really a Fiverr goal, but I would like to successfully expand my services to at least one other freelancing platform and some offline clients, so I don’t risk everything just on here. As we know Fiverr is changing very fast and in 2018 I was able to successfully navigate through algorithm changes and profit from it, but you never know what might happen in 2019. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! and if they return every month, you can have at least 40 orders every month…

Why don’t you stop doing a job for someone else? and start working for yourself full time and make more money?


That’s a great goal… I will also write it down in my list… Do you achieve your goal each year?


You are right about working for yourself. I have been self employed for 25 years. About 20% of my work comes from Fiverr. Fiverr has been really steady and predictable. I have never had a salary in my life.

My regulars order 1-2 times a week so you are right, they are very predictable.


steadily build my fiverr experience and client base to get to lvl 1 lol.

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Though, I registered my complete profile on this wonderful platform on May, 2018 but I never take fiverr seriously until the ending of September when I started fully, doing all sort of things like sharing my Gigs on social media, following and reading all the helpful tips and comments on this great forum. I was able to complete 8 orders with 6 of them giving me five star review in the process while the remaining two buyer’s choose not to leave any review for me even after being fully satisfied with my works.
However, this is 2019 and I hope to complete so many orders with customers satisfaction while reaching level 2 seller in the process.
So, Pray for me.


Do a good job. Keep learning and improving. Keep my customers happy. Win return/regular customers who are pleasant to work with. Work on interesting projects.
Pretty much the same as last year, my off Fiverr goals differ more, compared to last year, but that’s not for here. :slight_smile:
Oh, spend less time on the internet (and more in nature), which includes the Fiverr forum, but that’s a hard goal to achieve, computer screens magically attract me :wink: we’ll see how that goes.
For now, let’s pretend today was an exception to take part in the New Year threads and to wish my virtual colleagues here an awesome year. And now I’ll get up and out. :deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree::seedling::cloud_with_rain:

May you all reach your goals, or find even better goals along the way.


Just start fiverr journey! Hope doing something best in 2019.

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I started.

Make no mistake, starting is a huge step that many people don’t/can’t do, for a variety of reasons.

Have I made some money? Yeah.
Do I have some really great repeat customers? Oh, yeah.
Do I want to do more/better this year? You bet.

But last year in August I did something I never did before, something pretty scary.

I started.


I agree with you that starting is a huge step but when it comes to Fiverr, I think, consistency is much more important than starting it. Creating a profile and gig/s on Fiverr is quite easy. There are a lot of people who start selling on Fiverr and expect unrealistic sales and quickly stop trying here saying that they didn’t get any order in a few days or weeks. Only those who keep trying make it happen.