What about your sell condition this month?


Hlw everyone how are you all? everyone what about sell condition this month,



low but growing now whats about you


Not so bad last 3 days before i complete a job, but till now i don’t get any message from new client fiverr update was ended so i hope it will be fixed, what you think?


I little bit low. But now increasing


My condition not so much good but, i never give up my hope wait for what happend next?


Nice to hear that. Keep going. All the best for happy freelancing in the best market place fiverr!


i love this marketplace and i also happy to be a part of this marketplace,


In my end it has been very low for a very long time, but I am guessing its because the completions.


i saw there was so much so much after evolution my selling gig always available on first page but it’s now on 7th page really worried about it?


Pretty low orders at my end. I just hope clients turn up again soon.


i hope so may be everything will be ok we just wait ,


Too poor, no sales this month.


Omg! just wait for what happend next hope so it will be fixed very soon!


This month is lower then others.


Hi,its little low but hope to be fine in next couple of days.


fiverr update recently and i see that they gave priority new seller , but we hope so it will be fixed asp


we are waiting for this,


NO order and no buyer request in my profile . Hope for the best :sunglasses: in near future that I will get order very soon


last 3 days before i complete order! but till now not get any message really worried for that?


What will happen with the oldest sellers.