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What advice can you take to create a good job offer?


It is possible that many stable professionals do not share their methods, and that is understood.

I made this post to know your impressions, share what mistakes should not be made.

Thanks for your contributions.


My advice: Read the forum. This topic has been hashed and rehashed hundreds of times. Perhaps you might to well to read what has already been written about this topic.


Jon, the hashing is not done. OP wants to talk about it more. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in the mood for some hash browns. :yum:


Newbie OP is beating a dead horse. :wink:

And on your related note… yeah, hash browns do sound good right about now!


thank you for your advice.
with this I do not want to infringe any, normative, only share useful information,

I think those are the foundations of any forum :+1: