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What am doing with my "fiverr Money"


Last year when i accidentally knew about fiverr i was thinking to make it a part time job. But what am earning around 300USD a month is a good money in any language. So i focus on my fiverr gigs & make my clients happy & satisfied. How do i spend it? Well, this is the money that am using to buy supply to my child. Since i am a single mom i am making a living out of fiverr. I will be worthless & jobless if there’s no FIVERR. so i cant thank you enough guys!


Great to hear you have been able to make a difference in yours and your child’s life.

Keep up the positive attitude and the sky’s the limit :slight_smile:


I think Fiverr has helped so many of us. It’s nice to have such a fun way to make money. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear Fiverr is making such a big difference in people’s lives !!

I am personally saving up to study ME in college. Best of luck to all :slight_smile:


Great job and keep up the good work!


I love your enthusiasm! Good for you!


I am going to invest all my musical gig earnings into a royalty/dividend stock and earn 8-15% a year:)


Fiverr is certainly helping my husband and I attain our goal of living debt free! It also affords us the luxury of spoiling our nieces, nephews and doggies =) I’m also using my Fiverr money to improve my health by working with a personal coach 3 times a week.