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What am I doing wrong? How can I improve?

Hello everyone, I’ve tried everything for my 6 gigs but I don’t see any progress. Nobody even messaged me. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be awesome, thanks.
Here is my profile:

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bump. So can anyone help?

Hi there,

After i saw your profiles and gigs, i think you failed to convince buyer that you are professional seller.
It’s much better to have your own profile image than cartoon caracter.
Having photo as pp can build “trust” feeling to your audience.

Second: You offer soo many field with no specialization. Are you a professional designer? or Professional Writer? It’s unclear. People want to order from a professional.

Third: CS GO Mentor? this gigs makes you look playful type, not as serious seller.

With FAQS, it shows that you are expert in your field and could help buyer solves their problem.

Wish you luck.


For the “I will professionally speed draw your logo” gig:

Maybe the video could show more speed drawing of logos if that’s what it’s mostly about.

The gig description says “Best Whiteboard and Logo Animation for the Price!” and the video has whiteboard type drawings but that isn’t mentioned in the gig title (the title makes it seem like you only draw logos in the gig). I’m not sure the way it’s priced is optimal. Maybe it could be priced with packages instead of $5 per slide.

Gig: "I will write you professional and creative writing"

Maybe the title could be reworded.
The gig image looks a bit over-compressed.
I think the first sentence could be altered.

Also it could mention some of the things you’ll write about. It says you’ll write about “anything” but the gig is in the “Letters” subcategory and the gig description doesn’t seem to mention letters at all. Maybe it’s in the wrong subcategory?

Gig: "I will be your expert proofreader and editor"

When it says “I will show your mistakes with Microsoft Words Track Changes” maybe there could be an apostrophe in “Words”.

Hello and thanks for the amazing advice. The reason that I have a cartoon image is that I don’t feel confident sharing my face to strangers but if it will improve my fiverr experience, I will look into it. I offer multiple fields because I do have experience in both subjects and the logo animation market seemed under saturated so I’m just trying to succeed in one of them. The CS:GO Mentor gig I forgot to pause it, it was before I created the other gigs. Thanks for reminding it. I tried using FAQs but couldn’t find anything to add, I will start focusing on them when I get questions. Again thanks!

Hi, thanks for the advice! First I thought of also making whiteboard animations but after some thinking I decided to stick to logo animation and forgot to delete that. Thanks for reminding it. I will look into the pricing but currently I’m trying to get some sales to get started. I looked at the professional writing gig and the image is definitely over-compressed. About the letters I choose it as a sub category because the other options didn’t have anything to do with my work and this was the closest I could think of. Again thanks for the amazing advice.

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hey there
check it -

it will help you lot !!

Specialize like the guys before me said and you will get there.

How are my gigs all around without the small problems?