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What am i doing wrong in fiverr?

I have started consistently trying to figure fiverr out this past week. I am getting a good amount of impressions, views, and clicks. But no orders. Can someone please look at my gigs and explain to me what I should improve? I am looking for honest crtiticism only.


Hello, @bennypri,

I have moved your post to “My Fiverr Gig” where it belongs if you want

Also, this may be helpful.

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Also, take a look at this, try to market yourself, don’t just wait for orders to come.


Can you go more in depth with “Try to market yourself”

Please read the article that @gabrielavila96 shared with you to get your question answered. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the beginning of the thread that gabriel shared. It was written by our favorite bearded mod. :wink:


okay thank you so much!

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Hi Benny,

I think the issue isn’t really marketing here. I mean you’re getting clicks, right?
It might be that you’re attracting wrong target audience, but I highly doubt that. I think the problem is with the service you offer.

The quality of the videos (sound & background) isn’t quite there to offer business spokesperson videos.
If you’re good at video editing then I’d recommend focusing on that gig.

The fact that you’re not camera shy will give you an edge. You can do your video editing demo with you in it to give it a personal touch, but only as a clip to explain your service.

Right now the editing gig has only 1 effect so how many clients are you expecting for it?
If you know how to use After Effects for example, then here’s what I would do

  • Get a subscription to Envato elements or something similar (I think they still offer Black Friday deal and their commercial license is probably one of the easiest to understand)
  • Download some cool templates.
  • Take like 5-10 easy ones and add them together for a demo
  • Upload it to your portfolio and let customers pick from those 5-10 templates

This template business won’t get you 6 figure income, but it might be enough to fund the next step in your career.


Hey ExReview,
For video editing, I use final cut pro but i am an extrovert when it comes to speaking on camera and i feel that i can make videos on camera for people but i do not completely know which videos. I do have a gig that is out at the moment ( but it is getting absolutely no clicks or views.

Maybe the category is off?

The title should include the keywords buyers would use in search. Your title isn’t really hitting the mark and there isn’t much market for it.
Type in the search “underwater” and check what kind of gigs you get. The only successful guy there is leosolutio and he actually makes videos under water :slight_smile:

You can play around with the keywords, but instead I’d recommend getting proper intros/outros and promote it as such.

The key here is to figure out who’s your target audience and how would they find you.


ah, I understand. Though what about my other gigs? The title and description are pretty unique and I have custom keywords but no trafficking.

I’ve been on fiverr for hours trying to figure it out but I am overall getting really confused.

When was this spokesperson gig created and when it was last edited?

These 3 gigs were created and finished yesterday night but the killer spokesperson gig hasn’t updated yet. I tend to receive a lot of impressions but fewer clicks and views

You’re not getting real-time stats. Usually there’s 24h delay or even more.
Give it at least 3-4 days before you start making any conclusions.

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It’s in the “photoshop editing” category but it’s a video. Maybe change the category to one of the video categories?

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Okay, What would your honest opinion be on my gigs?

Okay thank you so much!

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Personally I don’t think your spokesperson video will be suitable for business customers. You can check your competitors and compare it. As a customer my main concern would be the background & sound. If you get these sorted then your low pricing might give you chance.

Your greeting card videos might get you a few customers, but again, check your competitors. Personally I would hire a Santa to read my card and there are plenty of those videos. Maybe if you find a unique angle to deliver your message and sort out the background, you might make a few sales :slight_smile:

So as I said before, if you’re talented in video editing then focus on that. Get a better demo and give it a try.
Right now that 10 second swimming pool video doesn’t really show your skill and it’s targeted towards a very narrow audience.

I’m not trying to bring you down or anything and you gigs are better than lot of them, but you asked for an honest opinion.
It doesn’t mean you should take those down because there might be buyers who would love to buy your gigs and since you created those just yesterday you don’t have enough data to say if there is interest or not.


I took your advice and I have created a new gig for photoshop. What is your opinion on it? (I really enjoy your honesty)

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Here’s what I would do

  • split the gig into editing & background removal (2 separate gigs)
  • rename the background removal to something like “photo background removal in 8 hours” or “product photo background removal in 8 hours”. Depending on the niche you’re going after.
  • take a few more complex photos and put them into your portfolio. (people with frizzy hair, objects with difficult shadows etc.)
  • get a proper cover photo for your gig. Check your competitors
  • record a video where you explain the service and show some clips how you remove the background.
    There are plenty of similar gigs, but a lot of them are low quality because the seller uses select tool and eraser. Show that you’re using a more advanced technique to get better results.

Your competitive edge will be

  • clear communication (visible from the video)
  • advanced techniques (visible from the video and complex photos)
  • fast delivery time

Okay, I took your advice and recreated a new and improved gig


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