What am i doing wrong? No sales, no replies on buyer's requests


As a college student trying to help my tuitions, I am trying to find work on fiverr, getting the first customer is the hardest, and i have heard buyer requests is the key to getting the first review.

but no one has accepted my buyer requests, let me paste a few of my requests that i was really hoping would have gotten me those jobs.

"Greetings! I will make you flawless, scalable vector files of the said logo within the next 2 hours, or you will get a full refund, just think of it, there’s nothing to lose, either you get what you want or I issue you a refund, Actually I am going to start the work right now, hoping to hear back from you so that the file will be delivered to you ASAP! Best Regards! "

"Hello there! I am here to offer you my services, having served as a volunteering editor for an English Newspaper, i think i am perfect for the job, My professional tone, and attention catching articles will be perfect for you. If i dont satisfy you with my posts, you will get a refund, Not to mention the unlimited revisions available. Just contact me and ask for a sample post if you are a little unsure, Please feel free to atleast give me a chance and I really hope to hear back from you. The price can be discussed at an equilibrium of what you find highly affordable and the current rates in the market. Best Regards, "

"Greetings! I will deliver you the first of the three articles within 3 hours, the rest two within 6 hours after. Unlimited revisions and plenty of research included, I am even willing to provide you with the option of getting refunded if you dont like the first article i send you within 3 hours, i can issue you a refund (not that it will come to a refund situation, i guarantee you) Hoping to hear from you soon :slight_smile: Best Regards, "

Can anyone please tell me what i am doing wrong?


This one sounds desperate.

This one has mistakes (plus sounds desperate, and therefore, not professional). The mistakes wouldn’t matter for a designer, but they do matter for a writer.

Another one with mistakes, plus sounds desperate, like you’re begging them to hire you.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I won’t comment the writing gigs because I think your English is not at the level it should be to offer writing services. So I will give you feedback on the vector gig :slight_smile:

Why are you targeting "fast food "clients? Besides you don’t know when the buyer accepts your offer. Are you really available 24/7? Even if your team is working in shifts, it comes off as desperate.

Why do you even mention the refund? This sentence alone will attract scammers. If you’re good at what you do and you can deliver on time then why would the client need a refund? It’s not a selling point. Your refund policy doesn’t matter here, only Fiverr refund policy matters.

Start working on what? Why?
If it’s a joke it’s not funny and if it’s not then you come off as pushy. As a client I would not like to work with someone who starts doing something without my approval.

The 3 main problems you have with this request are

  • it doesn’t say anything about the job you were bidding on
  • there’s no reference to your skills
  • there’s no explanation what exactly you will do


Thank you guys, will work on all that from now on :stuck_out_tongue:


If you promise me a flawless logo in the next two or few hours, I would like to think you are literally not going to put much thought into my logo project. You should try to communicate in a way that shows that something of good value, like a professional logo, takes more than two hours to complete.


I will never hire a seller saying that I will have a refund if I am not satisfied.
I want to be satisfied. I am looking for a good seller. Not for a refund !
You are saying that you are not sure to be the right person for this work. Why should I hire you ?


And you are in for a BAAAD start… remove this sentence immediately from ALL your gigs.


That’s disrespectful of you to say that because if I said such thing, someone on fiverr would call me rude


There’s a difference between being rude and pointing out flaws in a set of skills that should be pretty finely honed for someone to be offering a certain kind of service.

Making a point in a polite but critical way: Judging from how you write on your gigs, I’m not quite sure your English is to the point where you should be offering writing gigs, so be careful about that and potentially work on your other gigs instead.


I have to disagree, and here’s why…

Being rude: Your English sucks. You suck. You disagreed with me, and now it’s time for me to fling way-too-personal insults at you.

You can disagree with someone without getting personal :stuck_out_tongue:


In your grammar.

Your offer is very amateur.

You need to at least make a good deal. Worth for the money


I was being honest. I don’t think OP should waste time on a service where a 1-star rating is just a matter of time. Most new sellers won’t recover from 1-star feedback.

You haven’t made a sale, right? Create your own topic and ask for feedback about your gigs.
Although considering your previous replies, I think some experienced sellers might be reluctant to comment your gigs because you take everything as a personal attack.


This thread has been clean up some and put back in for discussion on a timer. Please keep it VERY civil. It is fine to critique the OP who asked for critique… Keep the political references and other disruptive comments out of the discussion.

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Thank you so much @fonthaunt, we appreciate you!

As per the OP’s post: I wanted to also point out that there are some grammatical/word usage issues in your article-writing gig that might put a potential buyer off. For example, the phrase “attention diverging articles” seems to be used incorrectly.

uxreview and catwriter have given you a great analysis of your BR responses. I would say don’t focus so much on “what I’m going to do when you place the order”, but focus on “what I can offer you that is of value”.

Good luck!


@uxreview would you please review my gigs if they are fine or not ?


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