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What am I doing wrong? Please give advice to a new seller

I’ve completed one order and got a 5 star review. I get tons of clicks and impressions every day but no one orders from me except for this one person. When I search my gig titles in the search box, they don’t come up. If I can’t find me, how are they supposed to? It’s frustrating! Can someone look at my gigs and tell me what the heck is wrong? I feel like I should have sold a lot more by now. One gig in two weeks. Is this normal?

There is not normal thing on Fiverr, you may get orders every day or in the next month. It depends on how attractive your gigs are and what the market needs.

I advice you to be patient, I had my first order the next day but then for a month I had no orders, now I get every day orders! :smiley:

that’s great you are doing wonderful job…would like to ask you to help me (promote) my gigs…thanks and best of luck.

Reply to @nasia1301: You are totally right, Fiverr is quite unpredictable! I get about an order a week, but sometimes its a lot more, sometimes I get no order whatsoever.

Still waiting to get daily orders though!


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