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What am I doing wrong? Returning seller LEVEL 2!


Hello people!
I am lever 2 seller with more then 1k reviews who started to work on Fiverr 8 years ago. I was inactive few years and now I am trying to start again. I am selling Instagram services and cannot get even one sale. People who have lot worse designed gigs then mine receiving sales. My gigs do not see anyone!?
Statistic it is awful! For example I am selling something for 20$ which everybody selling for at least 50$ and nobody even ask me to do them work!?
Could you pls. check and help me if you can. This below it is one of mine gigs. Thank you !!


i WILL advice you do more of social media awareness and join communities that are interested in your services. or that need your services and offer value for them.
Fiverr had changed from what it used to be back then…Hope this help …Thank you


Since I know nothing about instagram I can’t say much, but from an illustrator’s point of view, this is what I think:

That particular gig link you posted up there, the image quality is pretty bad.
Everything looks grainy and unclear.
Even though your gig is about Instagram and not related to graphic design, if I see a low quality image I’ll avoid it right away. Presentation matters. A LOT.


Thanks for your answer, maybe picture is awful, but my gigs do not get any exposure, any expression… so how to sold a gig if nobody see it. For example, if I have high resolution picture + hd video + i get few sales from my friends… will my GIG be somewhere … where buyers can see it?

I think that level 2 sellers do not receive enough exposure. Maybe I am not right, but this is mine opinion.


Any help ?
What to do?


Hello Seomania
The biggest problem most sellers face on Fiverr is the inability to rank their gigs to the the first page.
Some wait for days, weeks, and even months without making any sales.
In order to rank your gig to the first page and make sales, you to need use a nice description, profile picture & video, stay online and so on.
I experimented with the Fiverr system to see for myself.
I wanted to understand how the system worked.
If you really want to rank high on Fiver, then you need to carryout a lot of on page optimization.
It is highly important to do so.
**Use the right keywords in gig description just Like blogging ,If you don’t include the right keywords to your blog posts, Google won’t send you any visitors.
2- Increase your gig impressions
The earlier a gig gets visitors, the better the chances of it ranking high.
You need to give your gig some early exposure.
3-Promote your gigs.
**Make your first sale as quickly as possible (Tell your friend/family) to help with that.
because in a new gig nobody wants to be the first to test a new Freelancer and lose their hard-earned $5 or $20. :smiley:
Buyers are very careful with their $5. :smiley:
5-. Stay online always


Here is my advice to you…
Edit your gig completely, I mean, title, description, tags and gig image.
Do add a gig video as well.
do proper SEO for your gig, am sure you will know how to do SEO as you are Level 2 seller.
do social media marketing on regular basis.
You are coming back after a break, so its like you are starting fresh.


Thanks for your advice!

Could you pls. tell me how to be good at point 2 (Increase your gig impressions)?
To share it outside the Fiverr? To promote it with paid ads?

2- Increase your gig impressions
The earlier a gig gets visitors, the better the chances of it ranking high.
You need to give your gig some early exposure.


Hmm, ok … I intend to produce completely new GIG with HD videos and proper SEO.
I guess I will have more success. Thank you