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What am I doing wrong? Trying to get a logo made

Joined a few days ago because I want a logo. All I want is a rough sketch of a picture I took. The picture is of myself looking at some hills.

I sent out a couple of messages asking people of they would make the logo, and nobody is replying.

What am I doing wrong? This is just a rough sketch of a picture I own.

You could try posting a request in the “Buyer Request” section for it (select Buying->Post a Request).

Thank you. I followed your suggestion and posted a request.

I do not understand what is so difficult about a simple sketch? Do not have a tablet or pad or else I would do it myself.

Uk 1000 Suggest you the Right Option there you would get Many Logo Makers to make your Imagination into reality.
I Hope you would get what you are looking for.
by Providing the as much information as you have about theme, Colors, Style, Design and if there is any References that would be great.
I know it would take some time but the Results would be as you are looking for.

Thank you.

I sent a message to your inbox here in the forum of a couple of artists I recommend for a sketch.

That is rather strange.

Maybe you are asking the wrong sellers. For example, I create custom illustrations but I avoid buyer requests that require creating logos. Not that I won’t consider it if a buyer goes through my gigs and feels he likes my work and wants to give me a go at it.

I will also review it and ensure I can do it in the style the buyer wants.

Also, many logo “creators” actually use templates and don’t have the sketching capabilities. I can also assure you of very awesome and genuine ones but you need to do some research.

You can send it my way and let us discuss about it if you want.

Good luck


Here is the picture I want a rough sketch of. All I need is black and white, rough sketch of the guy with mountains in the background. I took this picture using a tripod and timer on the camera.

Maybe straighten the backpack out a little bit, it seems to be leaning to one side. I have another picture like this one from a different view

Just in case you haven´t noticed before - on the seller´s profile page, it tells you the date/time of their “Recent Delivery”. I´ve ordered from a seller once whose recent delivery had been 2 or 3 months ago (I had just looked at their gig page really and not at the profile page and not noticed that important bit) and they never delivered or replied, probably gave up their account and the attached email.

I don’t think logo design would be the right category. Try the illustration category. You might have better luck there. Or simply type “hand drawing” in the search bar on the main Fiverr site and you will get some hits.