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What am i doing wrong?


been here for a few weeks, I have three gigs and nothing is comming out of it.

I made a video for one of my gigs, I made three portrait, one graffiti drawing, and two digital neon drawings for my gig’s galleries and nothing is comming out of it. I promoted my gigs on tumblr, twitter and nothing is comming out of it.

people are clicking on my gig and clicking out and nothing.

can someone please check out my gigs or profile and tell me if I have done something wrong or things i need to add or remove? thanks.


My guess is that your suffering from the no-review syndrome. Based on the product you offer I think you’ll do just fine. It’s both unique and creative.

My gig was recommended by fiverr in its sub-category and went frontpage in it’s main category. Still no juice. People don’t seem to want to go first, which in a way is understandable. I never touched unrated gigs as a buyer. Anyway, 120k impressions so far, 45 clicks. That’s a beastly 0.0375 CTR :wink:

My guess is that as soon as someone “approves” your gig, the flock will follow. People seem to want the pre-selected stuff on here. Gives you a rough start, but is worth it as soon as those reviews starts adding up.

Keep going, I’m sure you’ll make in the end :slight_smile:


Reply to @yeaman77: yeah, this is the sad life of being in a business is starting from the bottom. I don’t like to buy from people who don’t have rating either, which is wrong of me to think that but that’s is my way for trusting the seller too.

I guess i have to wait for that one little awsome brave buyer who would be brave enough to be my first customer.

or I can create another account and buy one of my gig and rate it which probably is cheating and would end me up with a $1 loss. i should maybe do that.


Like the above members said, it’s difficult to trust someone who has had no positive reviews thus far. However - this is why it’s important to advertise yourself amongst your peers and on the internet.

  1. ask around amongst friends/peers. Does anyone require the service you offer? If they do, urge them to order! Spread out on Facebook and show your colleagues your work. Perhaps they will want one for themselves?
  2. advertise on websites like quora, twitter and tumblr. It can make a lot of difference, especially if you market yourself well.

    Aside from that, you appear to be doing everything perfectly! It took me almost two months before I got my first order, but the rewards of waiting are big!

    Good luck!


superfunart: I don’t think you should do that. If it helps you, I got my first sale half an hour ago. Two days after gig creation. That is, if the buyer writes instructions so I can complete the order :slight_smile:

But to look into your case. Might be worth trying to make a few adjustements to your sales page. I can help you with that. Could you put up the one with the video again so I can look at it? That was your best one imo. Also, how many clicks have you gotten so far?

I’m asking because you can’t really judge a sales page performance based on 10-25 views etc. If that’s the case then traffic is the problem you want to solve first.


Reply to @yeaman77:

the one with the video is under review because I made some slight adjustments to it with the discription, hopefully they will bring it back soon in few hours.

but it’s 1.3k view impression, 97 click impression, 208 page views.

the neon one has:

160k view impression, 23 clicks, 43 page views,

the graffiti one has:

537 view impression, 27 clicks, 57 pageviews.


Reply to @boslass: thanks for the advice, very helpful. i never heard of quora before, what is the site about?


Reply to @yeaman77: hey. It’s up now :wink:


Reply to @superfunart: Sadly its the harsh reality of new sellers. I’m also biased towards sellers with no prior feedback, and now I’m at the other side of the table.

I’ve also contemplated buying my own services but I guess I can ask someone I know to buy my gig and add their feedback. Maybe that would kill other potential buyers mentality towards newbies.


Patience my friend. I am a new fiverr seller too. Just been ~1 Month. I was frustrated too during those days. Buyers always looks out for the ratings and reviews.

Here is my tip:

Always request for the orders ( You are able to request an order per day) and convince them saying you will provide quality work in reasonable price and offer them faster delivery. You will be getting one order for sure and I think you won’t have to look back again.

Always try to maintain 100% positive feedback.


Reply to @superfunart: Quora is a website where you can post articles and whatnot. If you make an article about the subject you offer, just cheekily slip your URL into it :wink: