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What am I doing wrongly?


Hello everyone! My name is Jane and I offer resume writing and Article writing as well. I created my account about a week ago and I have not made any sales yet. Will someone just have a look at my profile and see what am doing wrongly on my gigs here

I want to make my first sale and offer my best services but its not just coming.


Help me make my first sale!

You! Yes I mean You reading this. Help me make my first sale and give a 5star rating with positive review.



Also, I clicked on your LinkedIn gig and you state right away “This service is not $5.” I believe this is against Fiverr’s terms of service. You have to have something that costs $5 under every order. You could, for example, offer to write a 100 word review of a LinkedIn profile for $5. Then you can add “extras” as you gain levels and get more established. By Level 1, you can be making a lot more than $5 per gig, but you have to start out with something for $5 like everyone else.


In regards to your resume gig, it is hugely flawed. First of all, you don’t offer a basic $5 gig, which is forbidden by the terms of service.

Second, the price range you did include is way too high based on your lack of reviews.

Your reputation away from fiverr counts for very little; you need to prove yourself here first.


I’ve not done this, but I have seen the advice to invest $50 by paying 10 people you know to buy your gig. Provide them your service and ask for their feedback, good, and a 5-star rating. Once you get started and have a few reviews, you will get seen and your place in the rankings will rise and you’ll get more orders. Also, make sure you provide excellent service and, at first, you will have to over deliver in a quick amount of time in order to get noticed.


Thanks@huynhkhoe. I have been using the buyers request and it has yielded no result.


Reply to @careerplus: it provides your gig to the buyer,

and if they see your gig with them and they will order you

and also please note you is: should search keywords ( tag) in your gig that best fit

for buyers to know you!


I think you should reconsider his gig

If you want customers are clicking my sale => buyer requests

sell your orders, although the rate is offered for every 100 people, there are one or more orders for you

you can work through it for the first and later people will get to know you

Good luck!


I see many who are not native English speakers offering writing gigs. English is not an easy language to learn to write. I actually now see 11 grammatical errors there in two sentences. Most native English speakers would notice them. As you say, the truth is best and may help point someone in the right direction. It probably explains the lack of sales.


Reply to @careerplus: Your profile picture appears to be a stock photo that is all over the internet. I would suggest either a real photo of you or a very nice logo if you won’t do your own picture. If you are also using a different country than you are really in, some buyers will realize that later and it could give you some trouble.


Reply to @huynhkhoe: Thank you so much


Reply to @writerlisaz: YES! I had that in mind. You can as well help me order my gig and get me going. Would you?


Everyone I truly appreciate your views about my gigs and I have made corrections appropriately. Kindly recheck and give me your views again.


Reply to @mrproofreading: Oh! Thanks so much and this is all I need. I will rectify that immediately. I really appreciate it.


Reply to @writerlisaz: Thank you so much for viewing my gig and offering me your view about it.


Reply to @madmoo: I have already done that. Try to check again and give me your feedback


Reply to @careerplus: No problem. You don’t need to do everything for $5, but you do need to be realistic with your initial expectations. I also offer CV and resume writing, but my initial prices were much lower than they are now.

Take a look here if you need some inspiration:


It’s never good when you offer writing as a service and your page is filled with typos, grammatical errors, spelling errors, and awkward phrasing.


promote your gig using facebook, twitter and forums on other website (i even bring my odesk clients on fiverr… i love fiverr… sure pay… )… more importantly: pray. it works for me, it’ll work with you too.


Reply to @francute: Thank you so much


when i started working on fiverr more then a month pass when i get my first order, but then all sky from then!

Be patient, keep posted on your social accounts and go even beyond of that. Everything best