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What am I missing to reach level 1 again?

14% orders cancelled
21 reviews
17 positive
4 negative, 4 not rated

on my dashboard the level 1 logo is 95% filled…just curious what % of cancelled orders i need or how many positive reviews do I need?

Been a member since 2011, I remember once I was getting close to reaching level 2 now im struggling to get back to lvl 1

also, positive rating shows as 83. Sadly the only negative ones were the ones I was on vacation (away from computer) and fiverr automatically gave me negative reviews…

any help is appreciated thanks

Your cancellation rate is the most likely issue. Your ratings are also barely high enough for level 1, so don’t go on vacation again with active gigs. You will need more completed sales to balance your ratios. Also, if you lost level 1 after attaining it, Fiverr sometimes does not automate the level process to re-gain it. They are sometimes tougher on you after a lost level.

thank you. Another thing, it shows orders completed 86% (for some time) . I just delivered an order 2 days ago and got rated 5 stars, but that stat hasnt moved from 86% … any clue?

With everything based on ratios I don’t know exactly what it will take to shift a percentage point. If you don’t have any other open tickets you could send a polite request to Customer Support and ask if they can help guide you with specific numbers. Good luck.