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What Am I missing?

Hi you all,

I have joined Fiverr a month ago and have had a very mixed experience. I have made gigs, tracked their performance regarding views and their position in their respective categories, but none has boomed straightaway. My gigs show up in NEW ARRIVALS and then 3,4 days later they go deep down in the list and I don’t get any views. I have seen new gigs (that haven’t been rated) in recommended/relevance section. How do those gigs end up there? They are more likely to be picked up by buyers because they are in recommended section.

I’m not trying to be the jack of all trades. I know my skill sets and I am trying to use them to make my name on Fiverr. But I am failing to understand how gigs are placed by Fiverr in their categories? What am I missing? Any tips will be helpful. Thanking you in anticipation.


You have some very good questions and it’s absolutely absurd that no one has bothered to reply before. I’ve been on here for years but haven’t really started trying to sell until the last month or so. It appears that gigs are appearing randomly in placement. I don’t know how a gig gets preferable treatment either or how it gets promoted. The longer I’m on this site, the bigger a joke it seems. Right now it seems some spammer is bothering me with questions that don’t make sense. Real close to closing up shop on here permanently.

Nobody is responding to these absurd complaints–one plaintive, one bitter–because the answers are in TOS, many multiples of posts on the forum and even blog posts on the wider internet. Go promote! Making money online is hard work. Click the report button with the spammer or ignore him. Job done.

Gigs do appear randomly, as le choc there are a lot of sellers here, and Fiverr tends to rotate placement to be fair. I don’t suppose either of you have tried Buyer’s Requests or even spamming (sorry, promoting) your services in My Fiverr Gigs or over on social media?

Because these two whines really are just not going to get either of you anywhere. Why is it absurd that nobody has bothered to respond to the 250245349523493824th post from people whining about this issue who will not listen and likely be gone soon anyway? If you want tips, here’s a tip: do some research. All the answers are out there if you just look.

Gigs get preferable treatment because they are popular, sell well, always delivered on time and receive high ratings. I have gigs which don’t make any sales at all, never have in fact. In this case, I created different gigs in different niches after researching them, putting together a unique gig offering and focusing on SEO.

I’m sorry but as a rule, anyone who achieves any measure of success freelancing manages to realize the above for themselves. If you are here asking/whining about why your not making sales, you need to go right back to the drawing board and start over. Either that or hook yourself up to some intravenous ambition for a week or two.

Have you read the FAQ and TOS, have you bothered to apply for jobs in the Buyer Request market, have you tried to promote your gigs via other methods?..the list goes on.

Don’t give up. It took a long time before I got my first order… Buyers will start coming soon

First, I wasn’t whining. I have gone through TOS and guide and have followed them. I have read users’ posts here in TIPS FOR SELLERS and followed them too. I use all my 10 requests in buyers’ requests section too. I’m not feeling bad because I’m not getting any sales. I am new and I know it is going to be hard competing with tons of other users. I was just trying to ask how Fiverr gigs placement worked or how it preferred one gig over the other. You didn’t have to be rude to answer this mate. Its been over a month, I have made few sales, and all I do now a days is research, to get started.

Thank you for your input btw. Helped me in understanding a couple of things.


Wasn’t whining about it, sorry if my post made it look like so. Was curious how gig placement worked. I’m promoting my gigs on social media, using different tags, and tracking my gig performances. I’m also using buyers’ requests section on daily basis. Thank you for the input.


As a matter of fact I have done all of them and currently doing all of them :slight_smile:

Yeah not giving up. I’m up for the challenge and I’ll make my mark soon. Was just curious if I’m missing something. Thank you for your input.


My response was more to kurtfi. He’s gone off in a flounce since! Just keep trying. If angsty kurtfi reads this, there’s only one way to guarantee 100% failure–and that’s the route you took.

Oh got it. Thank you.