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What am I not doing right?

Hello everyone,
My name is Alicia,
Its already more than two weeks since I joined fiverr and created my first two gigs, yet no order. Got few spam messages last week and I also discovered that my impression is going down everyday.
I read in this forum that it is good to share gig links on social media to increase impressions and number of clicks, but each time I posted on facebook groups, the links get rejected. Please check where I got it all wrong so that I can improve.


seems most people don’t get orders for many months, i saw a thread just now, 4 months before their first order.

additionally maybe it’s your service type too.

i know if i quickly search background remover i can use an online free ai service to chop out backgrounds.

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Your response time is very low (6 hours). It’s should be below 1 hour. Stay online maximum time in the day to get your 1st order.
Thank you

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I suspect your profile photo is fake. Your name might or might not be Alicia. You might or might not be female. You might or might not be from the US.

I also suspect that you’ve seen some nonsense YouTube video about how to ‘succeed on Fiverr’. Posting to social media is utter nonsense without context. Who are you posting to? Family and friends? Or a targeted group specialising in your niche?

As you can tell, I’m quite cynical about your photo. It looks fake. Fake doesn’t sell - even though you’ve probably watched a video suggesting that you post a picture of an attractive woman as your profile image. Yawn.


I don’t get why people advertise skin retouching services removing the freckles. Freckles are cute.

Also, the pimples on the second slide here look photoshopped on.

Also, the bridge of the nose is completely blurred on every photo. Which is always a sign of a low-quality and low effort retouching. Same with the contour of the lips. What you are advertising can be done better by a basic free digital filter.

Good job on including curly hair in your background removal gig. That’s ambitious.


Nice fake profile lmao. What you are doing wrong is that you are lying about who you are, probably where you are located, and using a fake photo. Not only should you get no sales, your account should be banned.


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Hi, many of seller here are wait a long for first order. But if you choose an unique category then its help you to get order soon.