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What amount do you guys think a full time Fiverr seller must earn


What amount a person must be earning if he is working full time on Fiverr.

I understand it depends on type of service he is selling and other things as well.
But what’s the average income that if you earn, you can consider opting fiverr as full time career.


That depends on the average wage in their country.


It depends on what services a seller is providing.


For India, I think you can set the mark at $500. That’s about the same a Software Engineer of 1yr experience working in a medium size company earns.

But yes, the correct answer would depend upon your city, lifestyle, financial background, marital status and most importantly if you can earn the considered amount consistently.


I would say $1000, especially if you live in a city. If you live in a small town or a small city then $500 is fine. That’s why I want to move to a small town like Rishikesh or Haridwar at some stage, one with lots of greenery, sufficient water and relaxed lifestyle, and not too over crowded.


In the first two days of Oct I’ve made this amount of money. Regarding the main question I think it’s around $4k-5k.


A week? A month?


A month…applies to Indians only…we are a country where a vast majority of the population lives on $100-$200 a month.


The average salary per year in USA is about $50,000 a year, or $4150 a month.


Yes, I’m aware of that…what passes for poverty line wages in the US is a good upper middle-class income in India. There is a lot of difference between different countries. For example, today I will be paying the monthly salary of my cook, maid and gardener - cook - $60, maid - $40 and gardener - $10. Of course, they also work at 10-12 other houses and make decent money by Indian standards.


That’s why so many US companies outsource big projects to India. My Indian friend says her visiting friends and relatives are all shocked we do our own menial home labor such as cleaning, cooking, gardening, driving, etc.


Not for much longer - automation and cloud computing will finish off the outsourcing business. We (Indians) have to look at other things and fast.


I think it was Facebook that created it’s site using Indian programmers for around $300,000.


Good programmers like @ghemachandar1 bhai will always be in a lot of demand. But low skilled workers will be rendered redundant.


its depends on where u r living . in singapore s$1000 a month will not enough . u must earn more than that


If worst comes to worst, I can survive on $654 per month, I reckon.


LOL at $654…how did you arrive at this exact number?


I know the exact amount I need to spend each month to ‘survive’. That covers my rent, bills, website hosting, and food. If I hit that, I know I am ‘fine’. I then converted it to dollars. I need to complete a minimum of 5.6 orders a day, I think.

I also save up money 2 months in advance, which makes stuff a bit easier.


For Bulgaria if you are getting let’s say 1000$ and living in the capital it should cover your rent,bills,food and some for savings.If you are living in the province you will can afford a good car in 4-5 months.But it’s hard if you are doing Fiverr as a team.


I would say $1000-$1500 will be enough.