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What amount of bid should I set on Promotion gigs?

Hi, I have earned much from gited $10. But after that, I am getting very low impressions with useless clicks bringing no orders. I have changed bid from $0.20 to $0.50. After some days $0.70 and then $0.90. Currently it is $1.5 but still the situation is same.

I would like to know that how much bid amount should I set in order to get the good impressions and clicks?


Maybe the bid price is not your problem. Maybe it is what the prospective buyer sees when they click on your gig? :thinking:

Woah, that’s too much - you can lose so much money doing that. You are paying $1.5 for each click - that’s similar to what I pay per month for Promoted Gigs.

Obviously, that depends on the category you are selling, the bidding price is also high to outbid others. When I had a $10 gift, I made some experiments - from $0.02 to $0.30, but at this time, I find it’s so much profitable without having to spend too much for promoting your Gigs - between $0.02 and $0.05 (at least that’s what I do), and I still make decent k’s.


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What does your comment have to do with the current discussion? :thinking:


On bid settings fiverr shows this info:

"Tip: Bidding $0.18 or higher will help you outbid Gigs in your category. "

I am currently using $1.20 bid price. Should I change it from $1.20 to $ 0.18 that Fiverr has stated in the above info ?

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I don’t see a reason of why you have such a high bidding price.

Fiverr would only take minimal bid price per click, but having a smaller bidding price gives you more control. Now, imagine if one day you’d have to pay exactly $1.20 per each buyer’s click, you would obviously outbid others with that high price, but let’s say you would get like 10 clicks/day, you would have to pay $12 each day, so that can even be more loss than actual profit off orders. Like I said, that’s just an example if that was the exact price you set.

Also, what is your daily spend limit? As far as I remember, the default spend limit is $2, so if you still got that limit, that explains why you might not be getting that many clicks and interested buyers while having over a dollar biddings.

I heard on the forums that someone had their price set on $2 per click and they did profit as well. So, just take your time and see which method works best for you. My method works best for myself, but that doesn’t mean it would to others.

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He is not paying 1.5 for each click , he pays maximum 1.5$ , it depends on other bids and the quality of his gig . If you set your bid up to 1.5$ doesn’t mean that you will pay for each click that amount .


When I used the Promoted Gigs program I went high.

That is to say, if the suggested bid was $0.20 I set my bid at $1.00 or higher to outbid the highest ones.

I did get some business out of it but have not stuck with it as I get most of my work through my business website and my Google My Business page.

That’s exactly what I said in my post.

Yeah, from what I’ve mentioned, having less bid works better for me, but may not to others.