What an annoying person!


I just want rant a little bit.

First, I am pretty annoyed how many messages I am getting from sellers looking for work. Usually it stops right away after they message me. But, this one was different. This one didn’t stopped at all. I reported him, it didn’t helped. Messages keeps going and going. I needed to report him to support directly. Hopefully that will work.



I think the report button only works if you do not reply to the first message. I replied to a spam message then reported the guy but it did not stop the messages from coming in.


Guess we can be really glad fiverr doesn’t ask/display our phone numbers. :wink:
Really annoying enough though, but maybe the thought that no seller is going to cold-call you is a consolating one… Cheers and a very merry everything to you in spite of that annoyance!


Reported button should work either way, but it isn’t working. I am probably not only one who got spammed from him.

@djgodknows yeah, I need him lol


Those people are THE worst ommmmggg


A seller inboxed me, something like ‘can you translate that’, was a weird link and I think it was just something he gets some micro-money from when people click it, but I replied in a polite manner to that and another one of their cryptic messages, just in case he really wanted to buy a gig and just was a bit challenged with English or expressing himself generally (think the ‘Basic English’ his profile showed was a euphemism) the next message then made pretty clear it was just a try to make me click links, so I reported. It stopped. The next day the inbox popped up again, with a ‘Reported’ note next to all his messages. I reported again. Quiet since then. But can´t tell if the reporting did that or if it was an organic stop lol.


It is very weird. I know from before, when you click on report, it sends you on way different page. Or maybe last one you visited or something. It shouldn’t do that.
When you check that message again, it is saying reported and that user can’t message you again. After few hours like nothing happen. Usually they all stop messaging, but this guy was much different then anyone.


Maybe report this as a bug? It seems like one. You shouldn’t have to deal with this after reporting them. =|


I was told by customer support the report button does nothing but block them for a very short while, but the thing is that it also makes the same message pop up a second time later.


That makes sense then, your post that is, not the workings of the report button.


Ohhhhhhhhh wow.

The “why dude” part is just…so…I dunno…

I guess my response will be “seriously, dude?”



I did report it as bug too. I got usual respond for bugs from them.

But that guy stopped messaging, so or support block him, or he gave up.

@misscrystal so I guess report button is for nothing, and yeah, I am always getting same message again after few hours.