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What annoys you the most about Fiverr?

For me its when an seller says “I specifically said” or “I clearly said” but they NEVER said anything to begin with.

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What I hate is when buyer wants to get a world for $5 (even if it’s clearly stated in gig package and description what is included) :slight_smile: But of course that is maybe 1-2% of my buyers to be clear. :wink: All other clients are perfect!


Lower the number of revisions, and enforce your policy, those buyers would disappear in no time. Also, you can update your FAQ and put that you don’t offer unlimited revisions and refunds. :slight_smile:

I wish you luck tonight against Serbia. It would be a great game.


Uh, right, I should update my FAQ, it’s a little bit out of date yes. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I think it will be really great game and also I think it’s time we win this thing. :smiley:

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It’s possible, personally, I respect both teams, and I don’t have a favorite. :slight_smile:

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I’ll tell you what annoys me the most. It’s getting messages like this from a fairly new seller, who recently started selling the same gig I do, which is a money spell:

Hi is there a quick money spell that would bring at least $5000 quickly

This is someone who is selling a money spell and has several reviews for it, all from the same person, who happens to be the same person who also bought MY money spell recently.

Here is my answer:
22:56September 16, 2017
Do not order from me ever. I don’t like to cast spells for others in my category and will complain.
23:02September 16, 2017

Hi, I am sorry that you feel that way as everyone is NOT the same as I have ordered from other sellers and have always given a 5-star review. We are all here to help others. Yet, I thank you anyhow. Have a great day!~
10:11September 17, 2017 Report
I would think as a spellcaster you wouldn’t need to ask that.

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“You there?”


“I need a copyright article”

“can you do this?”


“how much plz?”

All within the space of 30-seconds followed by a sprint in the opposite direction when I quote them more than a dollar.

  1. Gigs that do not include revisions still allow the “request revisions” button to be used. Instead it should trigger a pop up that says “This gig did not include revisions, please contact the seller to purchase additional revisions.”

  2. Standard delivery is 3 days. 2 hours after ordering, I get message that says “When will my order be done?”


I will message you, 10 minutes after ordering with this question:

Just kidding. :slight_smile:


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that would be awesome…come on Fiverr fairies, sprinkle some Fiverr fairy dust on Fiverr and let this happen…!!

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I know this has been said before and I know why things are the way it is, but I still have to say…
It’s more upset/disappointing rather than annoying, but I do not enjoy Fiverr taking away 20% of my tip. It’s not that I get tipped all the time, and again, I know why they do it, but still.
I feel like if a buyer tipped me for my good work, I deserve to keep every penny.
Sorry if I sound greedy :money_mouth_face:


When sellers asking to work with me, and to join my team. And after telling them NO, they are asking why not…

To be honest, there is nothing I’m truly annoyed about Fiverr.

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Me too - bhai, how come we think the same way on so many things? LOL

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Seller behaviour. Lot of them bargain because they know we will go to get some works when we don’t have much sales. And add more works later and still pay the agreed amount in the beginning. But we do more work than agreed in the beginning.

Fiverr givee the more power to buyer than sellers :expressionless:

Yes! I think it comes from certain positive outlook towards life when problems are no more problems but trivial nuisances. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t really allow things to annoy me but would be nice if it was possible to use the platform for more hands on gigs that require meeting clients face to face.