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What are DO`s and DON`Ts while negotiating with Buyer?


Can you suggest some DOs and DONTs while negotiating with buyers about the project. What most of the buyers focus on, what they usually ignore and what they cant ignore? (Your real experience please).


We shouldn’t be negotiating with buyers. If we need to we can give a SMALL discount from our asking price but not routinely. Just send them an offer. Let them take it or leave it.

Only desperate sellers and amateurs negotiate.


Yea, negotiating with buyers isn’t very right as it will always attract many more discussions that can lead to what buyers don’t like. It is preferable to state your price for each project without requesting for negotiations. As for me, i don’t negotiate my price. I only offer discounts which will reflect in the price of the offer i send.


When i was still an amature in the process, i always try to negotiate, thinking that would help, but instead some buyers would refuse to hire me as they see that the price i charge is just too low for the service i want to offer.


Indeed. I never negotiate prices - if they don’t want my prices and services, there are hundreds of other people who can help them.

Mind you, the confidence to say “No” only comes if you camn be confident you will still have a good pipeline of work.


If someone truly wants to purchase your services, they will not even try to negotiate.

EDIT: Unless they’re truly in trouble financially, in which case I’m always willing to adjust to their budget, but these are rare exceptions.


Yes, you have to offer a service that you can do and make money with or it is not worth doing! It has to be equitable, win/win!

Fiverr has it set up for both sides to win.

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Thank you. this suggestion is for all sellers or only for experienced ones?


As a matter of fact trouble is for new sellers when it comes to their first sale. dont you think it greatly depends on the experience the seller has?


I guess I was just lucky enough to have a good sample on my portfolio and an attractive reply to a buyer request. It is true I had to start with a low price, not much different than my current one, but still the buyer liked it enough to accept it as it was.


To great extent you all are right that seller must not negotiate in terms of price rather s/he must ensure the quality and additional services etc. since lowering your price may leave bad impression on buyer.