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What are faults in my gig?

I want to know what are the faults in my gig.

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Hi @rashichaudhry,

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I’ve taken a look into your gigs and also into the ones in this other topic of yours:

If you would take my suggestion, please get rid of “unlimited revisions” and “100% Money Back Guarantee” in all of your gigs. It’s for your own good. Keeping them will only bring you headaches and, very likely, will attract possible scammers.


but I am not getting order

Behance is not on the approved external link list - you should remove that link before you get a warning.

Remove 100% guarantee and unlimited revisions - at the very least define them closely in your description and/or FAQ. If not, you’ll be held to them forever, even after the order is completed - and CS won’t help you.

Your first two gigs have exactly the same descriptions.

Bear in mind your gigs are in highly competitive categories - you’ll need to find a way to market your gigs outside fiverr to give yourself an edge. Do some research and learn as much as you can about it.

Also, I’m not convinced your gig images are of your own work. In your category, it’s important you show your own work, rather than stock images


this is my own work.