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What are Fiverr credits?

Hi! I was looking at my balance and it said that my Fiverr credits were -$4 (but underneath it said I have no Fiverr credits) however, I’m not really sure what those are. Can somebody explain to me was Fiverr credits are? Thanks!

  • Fiverr Credits reflect funds you were rewarded by Fiverr, such as through the Fiverr Referral program. You can use Fiverr Credits only on Fiverr to buy services. Unlike your Fiverr Balance, your credits have an expiration date and are non-refundable.
    When available, your Fiverr Credits will be charged first when placing a new order.

Fiverr credits can not be withdrawn into real money.



Thanks for the information! But why does it show that I have -$4 credits and the underneath it says that I have no Fiverr credits?

I am not sure about that, I never used Fiverr credits. It must be a bug.

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