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What are gig multiples?

I was looking at the level system and it said the amount of gig multiples you get for each level.
I can’t figure out what it is?? :thinking:


Dear Lilac:

Let’s say you offer a gig for 1 image for $5.

If you are Level 1 and have 10 gig multiples, your Buyer can multiply the price of the gig 10 times and buy 10 images for $50.

If you are Level 2 and have 15 gig multiples, the Buyer can buy 15 for $75.

Last I checked, the delivery time does not multiply by 10 or 15 or whatever, so you have to produce these 15 gigs in whatever the base delivery time is that you’ve set for your gig. Of course, you can explain the situation to the Buyer and ask for more time using the Resolution Center, but whether the Buyer agrees to that is beyond your control.

This can be an issue if you’ve set 1-day delivery, but can’t possibly deliver 15 iterations of your gig in 1 day, so bear that in mind when setting delivery times.

My understanding is that Fiverr does not currently give you the option of limiting or eliminating gig multiples, which some Sellers believe would be helpful, as for example, the ability to limit the number of gigs in one’s queue is helpful to some Sellers.

Here’s a blog post that doesn’t really answer your question:

Good luck,


Thank you for answering my question, Blaise. Especially with this too, that’s good to keep in mind.