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What are gigs or subcategories that are easy to get into as a new user?

preferably non over saturated gigs that involve computer work. I’m very proficient in many types of computer work.

Hey, under programming & tech there are several things that are not over saturated.

  • Convert files, that’s pretty good. If you do 24 hours delivery there are only 1000 gigs (not too many, as some might be old/inactive)
  • User testing is also not too busy. On 24 hours delivery only around 300 gigs.
  • Desktop applications is also pretty calm. Around 1500-1000 gigs for 3 day - 24 hour delivery.

If you can also do typing & designing try to do some video editing & animation? Or some SEO writing. That has a lot of gigs, but a lot of need.

  • Mike

Look for tasks that are selling for $25-$75 with gig extras. Usually these tasks take 30 minute to 90 minutes per tasks and require gig extras. People just really don’t want to work so you may not have a lot of competition. You must offer a $5.00 option, but it can be limited in a way that it only will be about 20% of your orders.

Look for items where the supply is between 100-600. This validates that there is traffic, but possibly not too much competition.

What subcategory can I place my Typesetting Gigs, I want to offer this service but don’t know where and which subcategory to chose. Please I need your help.

Finding a popular category doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it. Fiverr success is about providing unique services, so much so that your idea or service induces them to want to create an entire subcategory based on your idea because everyone else is copying it and wants to do it to. Just because you put up a gig in a popular category doesn’t mean you are going to get sales immediately or even be good at it. I’d recommend doing something you are passionate about and creating your own lane instead of riding in traffic with everyone else…IMO

can anyone here make me understand what -user testing- gig means wnad how can i setup it

Reply to @mimo380: User testing can be a very, very broad topic. It can be as simple as helping someone check out a website for broken links all the way to looking at very complex software code in great detail. I would suggest doing a google search on terms like user-testing, beta testing, software QA and so on.

You would need to set up the gig based on the type of user testing you want to do. If you don’t have experience in that area you either need to find a simple method, do some training first, or just pick a different kind of gig. If you claim to do user-testing without being able to do it well and you miss things, the buyer is likely to be pretty unhappy.

You can also search the Fiverr main page for user testing and looking in the tech categories for different types to see what other people are doing. Just don’t copy them, use their gigs for information and inspiration to determine if you could do something similar or find a unique take on it.