What are 'Gigs Saved'? Check this, you too might have an issue


Hello everyone,

I wanted to know what is that thing called ‘Gigs Saved’ on our Analytics page. I have done a real good amount of research on it before posting question here. As per what I have found until now, it is the number of people who have favorited you Gig/profile (for some future reference maybe). My profile is http://www.fiverr.com/signature19

If that is the thing, I think something is wrong with it. If I open my Gigs pages, I can see too many people who have favorited my Gigs (see the top right corner of your gig page where you see a count beside a heart shape). That total number of all gigs of mine would be say around 60-70 maybe. But on my Analytics page, Gigs Saved are just 4-5.

I am having a discussion on this with the fiverr support from atleast a month now, but they fail to explain it or can’t even solved the problem if its a technical problem.

Can anyone PRO Fiverr here help me understand this please.

Check out your Gigs Saved, may be you too might have an issue.


Yes gigs saved is same as collected. On analytics page the you’re looking at gigs saved during the last 30 day period!


Just looked at mine and it says 557 gigs saved


Reply to @mgjohn78: Thank you for your reply. Can you confirm that it only shows the Gigs saved of last month? I did a search regarding that but I couldn’t find anything.


Reply to @in2town: Thanks for reply. Thats a great number of Gigs you’ve got saved. You must be a really busy person :slight_smile:

Can you please confirm that the number of gigs collected on your each gigs adds up to 557 ?

I’m not sure if that number is of last 30 days only like @mgjohn78 says.

Thank you.


Reply to @signature19: sure

"GIG Statistics

The section shows statistics for the past 30 days.

ACTIVE GIGS: This shows how many Gigs you actively offer in the Fiverr marketplace.

PAGEVIEWS: This shows how many unique pageviews your Gigs received.

GIGS SAVED: This shows how many times your Gigs were saved into someones collection.

CONVERSION: This shows the average in percentages from the total page views divided by orders."

Source http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/204379903-Viewing-Sales-Analytics

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