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What are illegal characters on Fiverr?

I am in the process of creating a new gig and get a message saying that both the title and description contain illegal characters. I understand 5 or Fiverr being illegal. That makes sense. I once wrote ‘résumé’ and the " 's " were considered illegal. I somewhat get that too.

However are other characters such as capitals illegal too?

I wrote ‘Talking Friends’ because I wanted to record videos using ‘Talking Friends’.

Would that be illegal?

Can someone give me a list of illegal characters?


Reply to @beloveddoll: I double checked and it does not say “I will” anywhere in the description and it STILL complains there are illegal characters.


I am struggling with this. My description does not have “for $5.” It does not have any special characters nor does it contain numerals. It’s still saying there are illegal characters. Why can’t Fiverr just tell me what the bad “illegal” stuff is so I can just tackle it and get it done instead of wasting time with guessing games?


That is helpful to know, however after I deleted those, the title and description were not accepted


I never used 'I will or ‘for $5’.

I have not tried clearing my browser. That is an excellent idea.


What is illegal about this title?: I will leave a review for your ebook.

I have been trying all morning to get this uploaded.

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Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to set up my gig and am getting the ‘illegal characters’ message too. The words ‘I will’ are faintly there in white. I can’t seem to get rid of them. Is this why my gig title is ‘illegal’?

I’m not using anything but letters and punctuation.

Can someone please tell me what illegal characters are?




Is it possible that this is a glitch? When I last created a gig, at first I got the message too and I had made sure that I did not use I will or $5 in the title or description or superfluous punctuation. However the message suddenly disappeared and I got on to the next screen without any further problems.

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I’m having this same problem. All I have is “clean up your logline” (after the “I will”), yet it keeps telling me I have illegal characters.

Seriously Fiverr, this is annoying! Tell us what we’re doing wrong instead of wasting hours with trial and error.


I’m experiencing the same ‘Illegal Character’ issue and would like to know how to solve this. I emailed customer support today about it. Hopefully, they’ll get back to me soon. In the meantime, I’ll search for the answer here on the forums. Great luck to everyone!

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Well, I would say can you post the whole title? It may be a case of too many words having the first letter capitalized.

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Reply to @beloveddoll: Make sure you dont have a period at the end.


Hi All…

Like you read throughout this forum. The “illegal characters” are ANY punctuation marks. I struggled with this for an hour, only to find that in my title - I had to scroll down some and found a period. The other issue I found was uploading images. They must be in a JPEG format. If you work on a MAC, this makes it one step harder for you. I ended up creating the ads in a Pages program, but took a Screenshot of it - saving the screenshot with the .jpg file extension and PRESTO… It worked! Best of Luck!

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This illegal character thing is a huge piss off. Fiverr needs to deal with this. Also cannot always upload a picture as the button is missing.


I agree with you belgian writer that maybe there is a glitch there. I also encountered thta when I made a gig, it said that illegal characters appear there. So I just try to renew some words but to no avail I was not able to change it. So next day I completely change the whole sentences and thanks at last it was accepted and no illegal characters appear. I thought my new gig “food warmer out of recycled craft” which uses combustible materials like alcohol is not permitted by fiverr.

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ok so it keeps telling me I’m using illegal characters and i spelled everything right, no wrong punctuation so whats the problem? its really pissing me off

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Remove the final full stop or period.


What is illegal about this title:

“I will play Dota 2 heroes I’m good at with you”

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The apostrophe between I and m?

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Take away the period at the end