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What are kind of gigs people want to buy the best?


as the title, I want to focus on something people love to order regularly.



SEO services, writing services, voiceover services, testimonials services and design services IMO.

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lol , then you are not a professional!


Reply to @prinzidesign: Which person in this thread are you lol’ing at? Laughing at people isn’t very professional, if that is what you were aiming for. I don’t have good associations with your username but I wouldn’t have said that if you hadn’t posted an ugly response to a thread. How does your post help anyone in this category?


If you’re a graphic designer and a painter, you should focus on those skills. I could buy a logo-creating software and offer logos, but I don’t do that because I’m not a graphic designer and that’s not something you can fake. Those who fake it end up doing horrible work.

Furthermore, Fiverr is not about what people are looking for, it’s about what you can do, what you like to do. People are looking for all kinds of things, from people that do their homework to crank calls, video cards, you name it. Some people have a sexy body or not, and make videos of themselves dancing. Others write the name of a company in their bellies.

In conclusion.

  1. Find out what you can do
  2. Find out if anyone else is doing it

    If nobody’s doing it, it could be a huge opportunity. If others are doing it, then you’re gonna have to compete with quality, quantity, delivery time, or whatever else you can think of.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I got your point sir. And I’m imagining what should I do in the next step. But I have a small question: if my gig is unique but I can’t get many sales, so what the problem is? the problem could be my bad promoting or what?

Thanks sir!


Reply to @fonthaunt: I absolutely agree with you!


Reply to @dukanu: thanks sir, it’s very helpful!


Reply to @manlees: Sometimes a unique gig doesn’t sell because nobody’s looking for it. That’s why it’s important to search different keywords, like “children’s book” for example, and see what comes out.

This guy for example makes:

He promises:

12 pages = $180 (10-14 days)

Could you offer 6 pages for $60 (3-6 days) ?

Could your basic gig be called

"I will create 2 Children Book illustrations in 3 Days for $5"

This is in my opinion how you compete with others.

However, the person who creates a gig with this title:

" I will professionally illustrate anything for $5 "

Will have trouble making sales. People don’t search for “anything,” they search for horror, romance, action, sports, drama, etc.

Let’s look at your most popular gig:

"I will draw lovely gift portrait for you for $5"

Let’s compare it to this gig:

I will draw a yellow portrait of you for $5

See the difference? He’s specific. Now when I search “gift portrait” you did appear on the first row, far left, in the recommended category. But the problem is most people won’t be searching “gift portrait” but “portrait” or "drawing."

I hope my advice helps you. Take care.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Very thanks sir! it’s kind of you.

You taught me a big lesson and I can’t tell you how thankful I am! I will study much more from wonderful people like you.

Best regards!


@manlees At fiverr SEO and Desining rlated are most bought. But Voiceover, Coding, Video creation are also one the good sellers.

You have to see what you are good into. See the categories and sub-categories to list down all the services you may offer and create gig for each. You will soon start getting orders. You shoulw also promote your other gigs to your buyers.

Happy Fiverring!


Reply to @best_seo: thanks for your advice sir!


Reply to @fastcopywriter: It’s so great to discuss with you sir!

I still have 1 small question here: If I start a new and fresh gig, nobody has ever offered it before, how can I know which keyword people use to find it, my example:

Waiting for your great advice, have a nice day sir!


Reply to @manlees: That’s really a guessing game. Ever heard of Teespring? My Teespring gig is what put me on the map, nobody was writing headlines for t-shirts until I did that. In fact, there was a time that nobody was doing anything for Teespring.

The trick is to think of words and search them. For example, the word “volcano” leads to only 2 results. I see you put your logo inside an island, why not put it inside a volcano? Can’t guarantee you it will become a hit, but who knows?


Reply to @fastcopywriter: ok thanks sir! I got it completely. My Vietnamese people have a sentence: Anyone who teaches me one word - even half a word - is still my teacher. You’re my teacher on Fiverr, you taught me a lot. Thanks for great helps sir!


Reply to @manlees: You’re very kind, I’m still learning myself. There’s more than one way of doing Fiverr, I’m just sharing my opinions and experience.


Reply to @fonthaunt: yeh , then think we say people loves to order seo gig’s , he started doing seo , at the same point i said people loves graphics to order , then he will be starting graphics , isn’t it the point to lol? i am not here to keep someone’s mind heartily, i say whichever will be true , so are you meaning that the guy is professional on the each and everything? maybe not! i tried too guide him , in that work he is professional , not the people doing a job , which gets much order.s got it?


Reply to @fonthaunt: i come here on forum to share my FIVERR experience , not to show kindness to the people ! yes i do show , but at that points . i hope you get it ,


use google keyword planner


You got late to tell us about your valuable insight. :turtle: