What are my thread fiverr folks doing on this buggy morning


I’m refreshing the screen so many times it should come with a speed stick and shampoo. I’m not sure if clients have seen orders or not. Lot’s of work for customer service I bet. How’s the bug treating everybody?


Ang- you’ve been a gem.


8 orders in the queue. Coffee, breakfast, emails, facebook, twitter, getting organized, set up studio for the work ahead.

Rainy cool morning here. Great to be inside under the warm glow of incandescent, electric candle light. Hope that delivery bug is fixed.



It seems we are passed the bugs…Except for missing gigs in my queue. I’ve threatened to wash the cars of the customer service rep’s with my sexy bald head with a mop attached to my ears- for all their hard work. Not that I’m looking at it though I think I may just want to stay with music.